Thousand Islands Cruise

With an area of ​​1,600 km2 and a depth of 76 meters in some points, the San Lorenzo river can boast of being the third largest in the world, behind Mackenzie and Mississippi. If we add to this a width of 24 km and a length of 1,200, from its source in Lake Ontario and its mouth in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, we can say that it is more than well known by Americans and Canadians; borders for many kilometers with the United States.

But let’s go to the cruise. The city from which the cruise starts, Gananoque, despite not being very famous, is located in a wonderful enclave. In our case we have made the one hour long. It is enough to know part of the 1,864, total number of islands. Montreal is one of the islands that forms the riveralthough far from the route of the cruise.

The ship where the cruise takes place is completely stablethere are no waves (except for some small ones when we come across another ship) and like most of these cruises, it has two levels where you can make the trip, which is very comfortable, calm, very peaceful and one can even say romantic.

In the photographs you can see several small houses that completely occupy an island, groups of houses built on a somewhat larger island, with neighbors, or a big island with a mansion with 96 rooms like the one we show you at the top.

All of them have a garage for the boat, since there are no cars in them. It is true that in some cases we have seen an electric cart, similar to golf carts, but it is not normal. The pink granite from which they are made contributes to enhance the beautiful spectacle. Completely transparent waters in areas where the depth is shallower.


The The San Lorenzo River is born in Lake Ontario, in its surroundings more than 45 million people livebetween the Canadian and American parts, connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes, being one of the most important commercial waterways in the world, a means of navigation and an important provider of drinking water to the communities that live in its basin.

What a great river, in general the abundance of water!

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