Three routes to do in Rome this autumn

To get to know Rome, we offer you three tourist routes to tour the Italian capital and make the visit a tour full of Roman culture and history.

Rome, the immortal city, is one of the favorite destinations for Spanish travelers throughout the year. For this reason, many times they find a large number of tourists from all over the world that makes it difficult to move around the city. Autumn It is one of the moments in which you can discover this city with so many places to discover more calmly, and we suggest you three routes throughout the city.

Route of the ruins of Rome

The ruins of the roman empire They are one of the great attractions of Rome. So the route that starts from the Roman Coliseum It is one of the most visited by visitors to the city. The Colosseum can be visited and is the starting point of the route that later ascends the Via dei Fori Imperiali. In the same square where you can visit the Coliseum there is the Arch of Constantine and from there, go up the Via dei Fori Imperiali.

On both sides of this street are concentrated some of the best known ruins in RomeLike the Trajan’s forums and Augustus, the imperial forum and the trajan’s market. In the Campidoglio square you can get an excellent view of the Rome forum. The route continues until Largo di Torre Argentina, a square that is below street level where you can visit four temples dating from the time of the Republic. You can also see the Temple of Agrippatoday converted into a church with a hemispherical dome on a round drum that gives it a very characteristic image.

Route of the Squares

Rome has some impressive squares that you have to know well. The best known, perhaps, is the Spain Square. In it you can find, for example, the Church of Trinita dei Monti, raised under the well-known staircase and in front of the well-known boat-shaped boat. A few meters away is the Trevi Fountainwhich surprises not only for its beauty but also for its enormity, since it occupies almost the entire square.

Another square to visit is the Piazza Navona, a square that has a large number of unique buildings, stalls for painters who sell their works and other attractions that make this one of the main squares of the Italian city. A square that should not be missing on a visit to Rome is the Saint Peter’s Squarewhich is one of the places that should not be stopped even if the Catholic religion is not shared.

Rome in autumn to discover

Route of the Hills

Rome is the City of the Seven Hills, so do not forget to discover any of them. Three of them can be climbed, so it is a different way of getting to know the city from above. In it aventine you can see a wonderful panorama of the tiber and in the background, the dome of st peter. Curiously, this can also be seen through the lock at the entrance to the estate of the malt priorya.

In it quirnale You can also appreciate this place, although you can do it from the terrace that is occupied by many visitors to Rome, especially at sunset, when the city is dyed in ocher and brown colors. From the Campidoglio square either Mount Capitalino you get the view of the ruins of which I have spoken before and which becomes one of the favorite places for tourists.

Are there more things to see in Rome? Thousands, really, but you’re three routes They are a good way to start getting to know this city that has so many things to see that we won’t be able to do it in a single trip.

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