Three towns in Cádiz that you should visit on your vacation

Cádiz offers many tourist alternatives and the towns of its province are ideal destinations to discover everything that this Andalusian area can offer.

Cádiz is a province that attracts us a lot. Its climate, the many options to enjoy a few days of rest and vacations and a very attractive gastronomy make Cádiz a very pleasant place to visit. But beyond the capital, the province of Cádiz has other places that must be known and enjoyed intensely. we will take you by three towns of Cádiz that you should know on your vacation.

Setenil de las Bodegas

It is one of the best known towns in the province of Cádiz due to a very special characteristic. And it is that many of their dwellings are built into the rock, creating a very curious space. To build these dwellings, they took advantage of a rock ledge on the wallso it was under this where the old inhabitants of the town built their homes.

But, in addition to this beautiful picture that offers Cuevas del Sol street and the rest of covered streets, there is much more to see in this town that is part of the Pueblos Blancos route. The viewpoints offer an exceptional view of the town and allow a better view of everything it offers.

To visit: the Tower of Tributea remnant of the 12th century Almohad fortress and the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, which was previously a mosque. Inside, objects of great historical and artistic value are preserved, such as a silk and gold chasuble donated by the Catholic Monarchs.

This is the location of Setenil de las Bodegas.


One of the most visited towns, not only for being cradle of Rocio Jurado, but also for everything it offers to the visitor. The population, which among its attractions can be proud of its beaches, houses very interesting places to visit. highlights its great lighthouse, the largest in Spain and one of the largest in the world.

Lighthouse Chipiona Cadiz

The Sanctuary of the Rule It is much more than one of the most important religious buildings in the South of Spain, since it is a building that belonged to Ponce de León and that in 1363 it was ceded to the Augustinian monks. The history of this Sanctuary is the history of Chipiona and you have to know it to discover the past of the population.

The “castillito» of Chipiona or the corrals, facilities designed for the sustainable fishing, very traditional in Chipiona, are part of the things that can be enjoyed in this beautiful town in Cadiz. Everything, of course, seasoned with the spectacular gastronomy of this Andalusian province.

In the link you can find Chipiona on Google Maps.

Alcala de los Gazules

another one of those white peopless and glittery is Alcala de los Gazules. The town center has been declared a Historic Site and it is very interesting to walk through its whitewashed streets. Several sections of the medieval wall, as well as the castle keepdated between the 13th and 16th centuries and the Puerta de la Vila are some of the heritage claims that can be enjoyed in Alcalá de los Gazules.

Alcala Gazules Cadiz

In addition to the town itself, it is an ideal starting point to visit other places such as the Sierra del Aljibe. On this excursion you can see roe deer, deer and different kinds of birds, such as vultures, eagles and other very showy species. It can also be enjoyed outdoors in the recreational area of The Picachowhich has a nature classroom, a camping area and a hostel.

This is the location of Alcalá de los Gazules.

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