Three towns in Tarragona that you should visit this autumn

Tarragona is a very interesting city to visit, but the province also offers very interesting towns to visit in autumn, so we show them to you.

Tarragona, the southernmost province of Catalonia, offers a magnificent visit, with a heritage that dates back to Roman times and that allows you to enjoy many corners with that historical flavor that is not found in many places on the peninsula. but the province also has several towns to visit and meet on vacation or on a getaway. let’s show you three towns of Tarragona that you should know.


The legend of Saint George and the Dragon It is something that is marked in the tradition of Catalonia and Aragon. And according to tradition, that fight took place at the gates of the walls of Montblanc. This city of medieval origin dates back to the 12th century and strolling through its streets is like immersing yourself in that historical tradition.

If the city is accessed through the Pont Vellyou can visit the old Santa Magdalena Hospital and enter the walled area through the Portal of Sant Antoni. The church of Santa María, known as the Cathedral of the Mountainthe presence of Gothic arches in the streets of the center and the medieval air that is breathed in this population helps to enjoy the visit.

Various curious events are held at Montblanc, such as Brickaniaa Lego festival that takes place in February; Terraniaan exhibition of artisan ceramics that is celebrated in June and clickania, which shows dioramas made with the popular Playmobil figures. And of course an interesting medieval fair that in the month of April recovers the medieval atmosphere.

This is the Montblanc location.


Along the Mediterranean, Altafulla It is one of the best known destinations in Tarragona where you can spend your summer holidays. Although, unlike other tourist towns, nightlife is less predominant than daytime. This means that it is a rest point most suitable for families and allows you to enjoy its long beach and the presence of places to visit.

Altafulla Castle

The family tourism is important in Altafulla and is one of the reasons why this town is chosen to enjoy the holidays. In 1998 Altafulla was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest and in 2000 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. Roman villa Els Munts.

The Altafulla Castle presides over the population, although it can only be admired from the outside, since it is privately owned. Of course, at certain times of the year it opens its doors to hold various concerts and cultural events.

You can find the location of Altafulla by following the link.


In a meander of the Ebro is Miravet. This population also has an important heritage from medieval times. It is located about an hour’s drive from the coast and is a complete change from the sun and beach tourist offer. This population has been very important for several centuries and this has made it historic moments center.

Panoramic Miravet

It is chaired by an 11th century castle which has protected Miravet throughout the centuries. The architecture of the population maintains the Romanesque, Byzantine, Arab style and those of the Cistercian order, which has been present in the area for centuries. A good place to get lost, enjoy the rich gastronomy of the inland part of the province of Tarragona and learn more about its history.

Discover the location of Miravet.

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