Three winter dishes from Spain that fascinate

There are several typical winter dishes in Spain that become essential to get through the low temperatures of the coldest corners of the country.

Spain is not an excessively cold country, but it does have regions that become quite inhospitable in winter. Y to control low temperaturesthere is nothing like some strong and powerful dishes. The gastronomy of Spain has several dishes that become essential for the harsh winter indoors and North zone, so we are going to review three of the most forceful winter dishes in the country.

Madrid stew

It is the best known, but really the cooked It is made in different Spanish regions. It is a hearty dish that is made with several ingredients. Among the most common we find chickpeas, potato, carrot and other vegetables. But to that is added the strength of meats such as beef, pork, chicken and sausages. It is served in several «rollovers“, which may vary depending on the area where it is consumed.

In Madrid it is usually consumed first the soup, then the vegetables and finally the meat. In other places, such as León, it is called cocido maragato and is served the other way around: first the meat, then the vegetables, and finally the soup. Be that as it may, the stew is always one of the winter dishes most enjoyed in many regions.

asturian pot

It is one of the best known dishes from Asturias, fighting with the stew to become the most requested dish in this region. The beans They are a fundamental ingredient, along with pork, such as the tail or the ear. Other ingredients that are part of the preparation of this dish are chorizo, black pudding, potatoes and cabbage. The trick, as in other winter dishes, is cook everything over low heatletting all the substance of each product mix, creating a special and very strong flavor.

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tradition commands cooking for about seven hours in the firelight, although obviously, this has been replaced by modern kitchens. In any case, it is a great option to take a typical winter dish and recover the temperature and the desire to move in the coldest environments.

Garlic soup

A simple but very hearty dish. It is made in several Spanish regions, also with different ingredients. However, the main one is the meat broth, forceful, in which the previous day’s stale bread is submerged. Garlic is, of course, another essential for this dish. Paprika and eggs are added. In Soria mushrooms are added, in the Basque Country, cod and in other places, pepper and onion.

In any of its modalities, the garlic soup it is a pleasure to taste and face the harsh temperatures of winter indoors.

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