Tian’anmen Square (Beijing) The square of the new China

Tian’anmen square country symbol

Located in the heart of Beijing the Tiananmen Square is the square world’s biggest pop and one of the points unavoidable of the Chinese capital.

Presided over by the photo of great banner of the “Chinese Motherland” Mao Zedong, Tian’anmen, is a hive of people Everyday of the year.

Mao Zedung, father of the new China

Their 442,000 square metersdo not clash with the rest of beijingWell, in this city everything is big and the most emblematic square in the country could not be less.

With a clear trend towards soviet Architecture, Tian’anmen is flanked, by low buildings which do not clash with the rest of the surroundings.

Much cooler than it appears on television or in photographs, this square is highly controlled and monitored in each of its corners.

It is said that if any supporter or activist in favor of the tibet liberationwill use some banner or a simple t-shirt, it would be reduced in less than a minute, which gives us an idea of ​​the number of plainclothes police that roam the area.

This square is one of the great places to see in Beijing in two days or more.

Access to Tian’anmen, it is a bit heavy, since the Security controls they extend to the nearby metro stations where we will have to pass a control via scanner.

Access control

Access control

Once out of the stations, the square has the controlled access through some white barriers which will only allow us to access for the marked points.

The symbol of what was called “The New China” was founded in 1949 and since then it has been a must-see for the Chinese, especially on China’s national day,October 1st.

In the construction of Tian’anmen, the forbidden city stylewith a clear orientation towards the South and the North.

Some elements like Monument to the Heroes of the Peopleare part of the Plaza and have become true symbols for the Chinese people.

Monument to the Heroes of the People

Monument to the Heroes of the People

In the southern part of the square we find the Zhengyangmen Tower just opposite the Plaza de Qianmenwhich is especially beautiful , when it remains illuminated at dusk.

Zhengyangmen Tower

Zhengyangmen Tower

Tian’anmen Square is an almost obligatory stop, due to its history and symbolismbut also if we intend to visit the forbidden citysince in the square we find the access door to it.

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