Tips for enjoying the theater in New York

Surely you have many plans and many ideas to enjoy your stay in the Big Apple. And it will be difficult to decide, since here it is impossible to get bored. If you like shows, going to the theater in New York is an excellent idea. Do you want to know how the world of the scene works in the city? We tell you!

Broadway, the heart of theater in New York

If anything stands out about New York, it’s that It is one of the liveliest cities and with more plans to enjoy. One of the most demanded is to attend a theatrical performance. And it is that in New York the theater is one of the arts that is most developed in terms of production and spectacle.

In fact, the area of ​​New York where the most outstanding rooms are located is famous. Yes, we are talking about Broadway, which is located near Times Square. Broadway is the place where more shows are performed, and also those with the highest demand, although there are other spaces on the outskirts.

On Broadway there are about 40 theaters with more than 500 seats each. For many, this is the place where the most beautiful shows in the world are performed.

Tips for enjoying the theater in New York

If you are determined to dedicate a day to discover the theater in New York, let us give you a series of tips that will be of great help to you. Where to go? How to buy tickets? How not to get unexpected surprises? Here you have it all!

1. Buy in advance

The best advice we can give you to avoid surprises is to buy your ticket in advance. The theater is in high demand. between ordinary citizens and travelers and, in addition, the capacity is limited. For this reason, in the case of the works with the greatest pull, the tickets sell out quickly.

If you want to play it safe, we advise you to buy the tickets during the planning of the trip. Thanks to the Internet, you can buy the ticket on-line and, in addition, choose a better seat to attend the show.

2. Get exclusive discounts

Some people have a preference for going to a particular play. However, if you just want to enjoy the theater in New York, you have the option to get important discounts at the last moment.

In some places like TKTS, located in Times Square, in South Street Seaport or Lincoln Center you can buy theater tickets with great discounts. The only drawback is that you will not be able to choose the workbut it’s ok if you don’t have preferences.

Of course, to buy the ticket in these places you will have to wait in linealthough the prices will be worth it if you want to save money on your trip.

3. What are the best works and where to enjoy them?

On Broadway there is always a series of plays that are continually on the bill due to the demand and, above all, the fame they have garnered. Some highlights are The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera either Chicago. They are the most famous on Broadway and the ones people most want to see.

When purchasing tickets, We advise you to choose the seats with the greatest visibility (taking into account your budget). Keep in mind that in those that are “difficult to see” you will see the stage worse and you will enjoy the work less.

4. Enjoy the show

This is the final part of our visit to Broadway, but, without a doubt, it is the most important. Once you have your tickets, we advise you to go with time to the room to pick them up at the box office or to access the venue. And surely you will also have to queue.

Once you have passed we recommend that you let them escort you to your seat, since the theaters are large and the queues are very long. When the work has started you have to remain silent and, above all, do not leave the room until it is finished, it is considered a lack of respect for the artists.

We are sure that you will enjoy your visit to Broadway to the fullest. After all, going to the theater in New York is one of those experiences that you won’t be able to live anywhere else in the world. Get carried away by the show!

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