Tips for getting around Hong Kong

We want to offer you a small guide on how to get around Hong Kong. Although for many it may seem like a small odyssey to get around one of the largest cities in China, we will try to scare away those ghosts by talking about all the possible transport routes available.

The first advice will be to rule out the option of using a rental car and opt to move both inside and outside the city using public transport. Hong Kong has a transport network created to facilitate the visit to tourists and thus quickly and affordably reach any of its points of interest.

Getting Around Hong Kong: Public Transportation

As we have commented, The city of Hong Kong has one of the most efficient public transport services in the world. The ease, quality of service and low prices make it more common to use this type of means of transportation. Next, we list the options

1. Using the metro and the tram

We start by talking about the metro network, also called the MTR. It is the best way to get around Hong Kong. The network has ten linesall color differences for our comfort and that completely cover the entire metropolitan area, including the airport.

It is also important to know that many of the stops offered by the different metro lines coincide with the main points of interest in the city. In addition, it is possible to buy the MRT Tourist Day Pass. With this card you can move around the city with unlimited trips for less than ten euros.

Finally, we must mention the tram, another of the methods of getting around Hong Kong most used by travellers, both for its classic design and for its low prices. A tram ticket does not exceed 30 cents.

2. Traveling by bus, ferry or by funicular

Another option to get around Hong Kong is the intercity bus service. These have two floors, something that makes them attractive to tourists, and they are also cheap. The only thing to point out is that you always have to pay the exact amount to use them, so if you don’t have a transport card they can be a bit annoying.

Instead, the ferry it is a convenient transportation method for visiting the islands surrounding Hong Kong. The company most valued by travelers is Star Ferry, which in addition to having several links offers the possibility of contemplating on board one of the best postcards of the city.

To end, we must talk about the famous Hong Kong funicular railway, also known as The Peak Tram. Thanks to it you can climb to Victoria Peak, the highest area of ​​the city. Open from 5 in the morning until 8:30 in the afternoon, it offers once-in-a-lifetime visits to the entire metropolitan area when you reach the top of the mountain.

Other tips for getting around Hong Kong

Taking out the Octopus card allows you to forget about having to spend more money. With it you can not only travel by metro, but also have access to other means of transport: tram, buses or the ferry.

In addition, the card offers other attractions such as discounts at restaurants and other city services, including tourist attractions. We can buy this at any metro station and recharge it as many times as necessary.

If you are not going to stay long in the city, Another option to facilitate transportation is the Airport Express Travel Pass. The good thing about this card is that when it is delivered after use, the money charged for the issue is returned in Hong Kong dollars.

Perhaps due to lack of time it is necessary use the taxi as a method of transportation. Its price is not expensive, but it is not the best option to move around the city due to traffic. As a curiosity, the Hong Kong taxi network is divided into colors depending on the area where they offer their service.

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