Tips for traveling to Chicago with little money

Traveling to Chicago, just like going to any other destination in the United States, requires money. It is not exactly a cheap country, however, there can always be ways to save a little and enjoy a city as fascinating as this one. A) Yes, if you want to discover Chicago with little money, follow these tips.

Chicago with little money from the get-go

As our intention is to give you all the keys so that the trip to Chicago is not a ruin, the first piece of advice should be applied as soon as you land in the city. Or rather airports, O’Hare or Midway. Anyways, never use the taxi to go to the center. There are direct trains, faster and cheaper.

Getting around Chicago

Once in the city, you have to start exploring it. You are going to do many routes on foot, but it will be essential to use public transport. That’s where buses and subways come in.

As for the buses, there is an extensive network with almost 150 different routes, and it is quite cheap. As is the subway, and you’ll save if you opt for multi-day passeswhich allow moving in this environment to be the most affordable part of the stay.

Traveling by metro is not only functional, but also part of the tourist experience, especially on the famous “L” lines, the elevated ones that we have seen so many times in movies.

If you want to combine the objective of traveling to Chicago with little money and doing it in a healthy way, you can rent a bike to move. It is true that it is known as the Windy City and that does not favor pedaling, but in return it has a wonderful network of hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes.

The Chicago CityPASS

If you are thinking of traveling to Chicago, you should do it for several days, three may be ideal. And if you do it like this, then the Chicago CityPass is the best option to save money in essential visits to the city.

And you not only save money, but also time since includes priority accesssomething very interesting in certain places, such as the famous Skydeck, whose entrance is included here.

With the CityPASS too Hancock Tower Observatory, Museum of Science and Industry accessible, The Field Musem, the Planetarium, the Aquarium or the essential Art Institute of Chicago. In short, you have to buy this pass, it is the best investment to visit Chicago with little money.

Want to eat cheap in Chicago?

If you are in Chicago for several days, you can find time to eat in different ways that are more or less expensive, or more or less cheap. But among the cheapest is street food, and their puppies are famous. Not only will you eat cheap, you will do it like the locals do. It is an experience that must be tried.

Y something similar can be said of the peculiar pizzerias of the city. Traveling to Chicago and not eating their pizzas is inexcusable. Super cheap pleasure. After all, you are on vacation and for a few days you have to forget about the diet.

free tourist attractions

If we have already saved thanks to the CityPASS with the entrance to many museums and paid places, now we have to add the places that will not cost us money to visit. the list is very long and in it are the great charms of the city.

One is the Millennium Park. There is the famous Crown fountain, where the faces of people from Chicago are projected. There is also the Acoustic Shell or Jay Pritzker pavilion. And also there you will take the famous deformed photo of the great steel bean, or The Cloud Gate.

It’s also free to enter the Lincoln Zoowalk the exclusive Magnificent Mile or walk along the Lake Front Trail, that is, the path facing Lake Michigan, and even swim at North Beach (only recommended in summer).

Y for little money you have to take a watertaxi, which can sometimes be rented with a tourist coupon that lowers their prices even more. Traveling on these transports is essential and will allow us to reach the famous Navi Pier, navigate between the skyscrapers or get closer to the aquarium and the planetarium.

Do you want to travel to Chicago? you have already seen that enjoying this megacity can be cheaper than you thought. Already thinking of traveling to the United States?

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