Tips for traveling to San Francisco with little money

The United States is one of the main tourist destinations and California, one of the most visited states, especially for cities like San Francisco. It is true that traveling there can be quite expensive. However, also you can travel to San Francisco with little moneyif you know how.

It is clear that it is a great American icon, who has not seen a poster, an image or a postcard of San Francisco? If your dream is to meet her, but your budget is small, you don’t have to worry. We give you very practical advice that will help you enjoy the city.

Tips for traveling to San Francisco with little money

In addition to the Golden Gate, this city has a pleasant climate, incredible beaches, unique landscapes and an extraordinary history. San Francisco is surfing, it’s beauty, it’s multiculturalism… No matter the time of year, it will always be a good time to visit this place.

And even though We recommend the months of May, June, July and August for the good weather, during autumn or winter the city can give you a magical perspective of its surroundings. Do you want to plan your trip? Follow these tips to enjoy San Francisco on a shoestring.


Renting an apartment, looking for a hotel… California is not a cheap destination, especially during the high season. Thus, We recommend renting a room or looking for accommodation through couchsurfing, staying for free. If you like to meet new people and soak up the culture, they are the best options.

Avoid rentals in trendy areas, specifically Theater District or South of Market. Although it may seem strange, a good option is to stay in central and tourist areas, since they are the safest.

We recommend Downtown and Union Square. If you look for an apartment well in advance you can find affordable prices.


Traveling to San Francisco with little money is possible if you take care of some aspects, such as transportation. When we travel, we sometimes use taxis, since we do not know the transport network of the city. But There are several possibilities that allow you to save a lot of money in this aspect.

Since San Francisco is one of the best connected cities in all of California, you can choose from several transportation options. We detail some of them:

  • Bus: SamTrans is the bus line and the ticket price is only $1.5. These tickets they serve to move throughout the city, even for $3.15 you can cross the Golden Gate.
  • bikes: if pedaling is your thing, take advantage of the good distribution of the city to use a bike. There are many stores where you can rent one.
  • San Francisco CityPASS: Normally, we associate this tourist card with visits to monuments, however, it also includes unlimited transportation to use buses, trams and trolleybuses.
  • Trolley car: This type of transport is one of the tourist attractions of San Francisco, given its historical value. Tourists usually use it to cross the city center, although its price is higher.
  • Airport: The cheapest option is the BART public transport system, with which you can get to the center of San Francisco. The journey is usually thirty minutes.


As we know, in the United States we can find many fast food stalls, and San Francisco is not far behind. This type of food is usually very cheap, even in tourist areas. Of course, you will not find too much variety, pizzas and hamburgers are the specialty.

Nevertheless, during the week there are usually markets with fresh products, such as in the San Francisco Ferry Building. There are also numerous food festivals, where you can try very different dishes at very good prices.

Also, remember that the water is drinkableso a good option is to have a plastic bottle or canteen to refill and not have to buy drinks on excursions.


And, along with everything we have said, remember that San Francisco is a city with infinite attractions and that enjoying some of them will cost you very little or even nothing. You can find very cheap activitiesfrom music concerts to museums whose access is free on certain days.

Also, simply strolling through its incredible neighborhoods and getting to know its beaches are a perfect plan to travel to San Francisco with little money. Nothing to enjoy the spirit of the city like walking quietly and get lost in its streets.

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