Tips for visiting Berlin on a budget

Visiting Berlin and spending little money is totally compatible. There are many free attractions and others that can be accessed with some kind of discount. Here are the best tips you can follow to make the most of your trip to the German capital. Do you dare to know what they are?

Plan your trip ahead of time

view of berlin

Before heading to Berlin it is necessary to plan the trip well. First of all, the times when prices are more affordable in relation to accommodation are autumn, spring and, above all, winter. Namely, best to avoid the summer monthssince hotel occupancy, tourist presence in places of interest and prices are higher.

Once the date on which we will travel to Berlin has been decided, it is time to choose the accommodation. There are plenty of establishments that offer excellent value for money. We just have to opt for the one that best suits our budget or preferences (location, service…). Where to find it? In apps like Booking or Airbnb.

Regarding transportation, in case we opt for the fastest means, that is, by plane, we can test the prices of several companies low costsuch as Ryanair or Vueling. Better if we buy the tickets well in advancebecause that way we can benefit from much more affordable prices for our pockets.

Visit Berlin without spending: free spaces

brandenburg gate

In the capital of Germany, many activities can be carried out at no cost. You can explore Berlin on foot to see some of its most prominent monuments. Among them are the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. They can also be found through free tours.

One of the great attractions of the city, Parliament, it’s free. Of course, if you want to visit it and discover its spectacular glass dome, the work of Norman Foster, you must reserve your ticket in advance.

At the same time, the city has various museums that can be visited for free, such as the Museo de los Aliados, which explains the history of the presence of Western forces in the area during the Cold War. The open-air East Side Gallery and Berlin Wall Memorial are also free.

The parks of Berlin


If you are going to visit Berlin, it is inevitable that at some point you will pass through one of its parks, another free option. One of the most prominent is the Tempelhofer Freiheitan old airport that was converted and that today has various areas where you can go by bike, run or have picnics if the weather is good.

Another equally recommendable park is Tiergaten, located in the heart of Berlin, next to the Brandenburg Gate. And if you visit Treptower Park, you will see some Soviet monuments.


For parks with a twist, visit Volkspark Friedrichschain, which has a small amphitheater for summer movies and other shows, or Mauerpark, where a piece of the Berlin Wall is preserved.

Take advantage of the discounts that exist

Museum island

When visiting Berlin, a good way to save is to acquire one of the cards that offer multiple discounts, such as the Berlin Welcome Card. This is the official tourism of the capital of Germany and carries a cost of about twenty euros if you choose the one that lasts forty-eight hours.

Therefore, those who get the Berlin Welcome Card they can take public transport for free or choose between more than two hundred tourist attractions to obtain a discount of more than fifty percent. It also includes a pocket guide as a gift so you don’t miss a single detail of the city.

If you want to visit the Island of Museums, which is highly recommended as it hosts different museums with extraordinary collections, you must purchase the card valid for seventy-two hours for forty-five euros. Y if you pay two euros you can access Potsdam in the same way or to Schönefeld Airport (SXF).

As we have just seen, visiting Berlin with little money is possible. You just have to follow the different tips that we have talked about in this article.

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