Tips for visiting Rome with little money

Visiting Rome is one of the best experiences that a traveler can experience, as it is full of historical remains and offers tourist possibilities of great interest. The best thing is that it can be done on a limited budget. Then, we discover how to enjoy Rome with little money.

Plan your visit to Rome in advance

When organizing our trip to the Eternal City we have to first decide when to do it, since prices vary from one to another. A) Yes, September becomes the best optionwhile the month of April should be avoided due to the high demand during Holy Week.

view of rome

Once the date on which we will travel to Rome has been decided, it is time to choose where to sleep, it can be found in apps like Booking or Airbnb. The city has a wide range of accommodationso if you are going to travel to Rome with little money you will have no problem finding apartments, hostels or hostels.

Also keep in mind some of the cheapest neighborhoods: Nomentano, Monteverde, Flaminio, Trieste, Monte Sacro or San Giovanni. All of them are located in relatively central and quiet areas.

Regarding transportation, in case we opt for the plane it is more than advisable to buy tickets well in advance to benefit from much more affordable prices, as well as compare those offered by different companies, especially those low cost like Ryanair or Vueling.

Get to know the free monuments of Rome

Pantheon of Agrippa

In Rome there are countless monuments that can be visited for free, starting with its fountains. The most beautiful and largest of all is the Trevi Fountain, where you can try to throw a coin to ensure, as they say, that you return to the Eternal City.

It is also free to visit the squares. They emphasize the square of Spain; Piazza Navona, the most beautiful for many and Piazza del Popolo. Do not forget Piazza Venezia, with the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II and the famous building that gives it its name; the Campidoglio square, designed by Michelangelo; or the Campo dei Fiori.

But if you are going to travel to Rome with little money, there are also monuments that you can visit for free. Be sure to enter the Pantheon of Agrippa. And you can visit the church of San Pietro in Vincoli, which houses the impressive sculpture of the Moses by Michelangelo.


Do not forget to walk through the Orange Tree Garden, through the Trastevere neighborhood or along the banks of the Tiber River. And climb the Gianicolo hill, from which you will contemplate the entire city in its splendor.

On the other hand, and although an entrance is required to access its interior, you can simply admire the facade of various monuments of importance, starting with the Colosseum. However, it is more advisable to know them also inside. Now we tell you how to do it saving.

If you go to Rome with little money, look for discounts

Rome Coliseum

One way to save is purchase the Roma Pass, a tourist card that costs about forty euros and allows you to enjoy various discounts for a period of seventy-two hours. It can be used in museums and monuments and is also valid for some metro lines, buses and trams.

In addition to discounts and unlimited free rides, The Roma Pass offers the opportunity to enter the first two museums you visit for free. There are many options to choose from: the Capitoline Museums, the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, the Museum of Rome…

On the other hand, there is the Roma Archaeologia Card, whose validity amounts to seven days and has a cost of just over twenty-five euros. In this case we can freely access many of the remains of Ancient Rome, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum or the Palatine. However, it does not include public transport in the city.

As we have just seen, visiting Rome with little money is more than possible. You just have to follow the advice that we have talked about in this article. Do you finally dare to put them into practice?

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