Tips for visiting Wroclaw and its beautiful Market Square

It may not be one of the best-known cities in Poland, but it is charming. Wroclaw is worth visiting, as its tourist attraction is enormous. Without going any further, you should know that here there are more than 130 bridges that connect the historic center with up to thirteen islands.

But also, in Wroclaw we find one of the largest and most impressive squares in all of Europe. Also many other monuments, which make what was a city of the Hanseatic League a mandatory stop on your trip to Poland. Discover all its secrets to enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Wroclaw Market Square

It is the heart of the city. The medieval market square of Wroclaw, a city that is also known as Wroclaw, it has amazing dimensions. It measures no less than 213 meters long and 178 wide.

The most characteristic are the buildings that surround it. With different colored facades, these constructions are the most famous in Wroclaw, and bring back memories of the colorful facades of Krakow. Among them, the two town halls stand out, the old and the new.

The charm of the Market Square and the buildings that surround it is not only in its dimensions or in the colors of the facades. Also you can observe different architectural styles. Some Gothic, others Renaissance, but, in short, a set that makes this square one of the most photogenic.

Y, Next to this place is the Plaza de la Sal. Even more colorful, since the protagonists are the flowers, which are for sale in many stalls throughout the day.

The gnomes, do not miss them if you are going to visit Wroclaw

The city of Wroclaw is attached to the figure of the gnome. throughout the city there are almost 200 statuettes of bronze gnomes distributed. Finding them in the historic center is a very fun activity, especially if you are traveling with children.

The gnomes create a fairytale atmosphere in Wroclaw. And they have their explanation, a Polish tradition says that these goblins ward off bad luck. Therefore, the more you find on your trip, the better.


If you are an art lover, you have to visit the old university of Wroclaw. Now converted into a museum, the building is a work of art in itself. The baroque predominates in its rooms, where the Aula Leopoldina stands out above the rest.

Of course, do not rule out going out with neck pain. The most important paintings are on the ceiling. But they will amaze you so much that you will not be able to take your eyes off them until you know all their details.


If you are going to visit Wroclaw, the island on which the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist stands must be an essential stop. The temple is located in what in its beginnings it was the core of the city.

Somewhat relegated by the prominence of the Plaza del Mercado, the cathedral area seems to lose importance. However, it must be remembered that the population was born here in the 9th century.

To get to it you have to cross the Tumski Bridge, Also known as the bridge of the padlocks, or of the lovers. The reason for the nicknames is easy to imagine. So now you know, if you want to participate in one more tradition, apart from looking for gnomes, you can buy a lock and hang it on it.

Although there are several churches on the island, the one that stands out is the great cathedral. gothic style, the temple was almost completely rebuilt after the destruction caused by the Second World War.

The first thing that will surprise you is its sober style on the outside, although the porch and the two large towers are an incredible setting. And, inside, the chapel of Santa Isabel, Mariana, Corpus Christi and San Juan Bautista, among others, stand out.

As you see, visiting Wroclaw will give you the opportunity to discover a city with a long history and really surprising corners. Do you include it in your list of places to see?

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