Tips to load the trunk of the car well for traveling

Before starting the holiday trip by car, you have to prepare your luggage well to load it in the trunk safely and practically with everything at hand

During the summer the travel by car, especially to enjoy the holidays. This means that we are going to load the trunk a lot, that we are going to carry many packages and that we have to stop for a while and think carefully about how we are going to place those packages in the car. It is important plan the car loadbecause a bad placement of the packages can cause us to get a scare or, in the best of cases, that we consume more fuel than desired.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are elements of the car that must be on hand, just in case something unforeseen happens and we have a breakdown. The Reflective vestswho have to be in the cabin of the car to be able to get out safely from it and the emergency triangles, they must always be at hand and must not be covered with luggage. A flashlight is also something to have on hand just in case.

Once we have separated these things, which must be kept at hand, it is time to start organizing the trunk to make the vacation trip safely. The first thing to keep in mind is that the heaviest packages must be at the bottom. To have a more complete image of the luggage and what it occupies, it is convenient to place it next to the car, in the way that we want to place it in the trunk. It may seem like a hassle to do it before starting the trip, but it will help to make a placement scheme in the trunk.

To the place the heaviest packages or suitcases at the bottom, these are more controlled and prevented from moving and causing the car to rock from side to side and cause any problems. In the upper part of the trunk must be placed the lightest and most fragile packages. But always, thinking that they should not exceed the limit of the rear seats, so that they do not hinder visibility.

Insured and stored luggage

The smaller objects They must be insured, preferably inside bags or backpacks, to avoid that at some point they can be thrown and hit the occupants in the front part due to braking or a blow. Do not place suitcases or backpacks on the rear seats. If you have to carry a package in that area, you must leave it at the foot of the seat. This prevents them from being fired. And the blow from a suitcase is always more painful and troublesome than a small toy.

If we travel with children, we must have a bag with the things they need at hand. The ideal is take them to the feet of the back seatsso that they are easy to catch. If they have to go in the trunk, they should be close at hand, like the Security elements. With these little tips, you can start load the trunk of the car to start that wonderful vacation trip. Let’s enjoy it!

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