Tips to make connecting flights easier

One of the worst moments in a trip is missing a connecting flight due to the delay of the previous flight. Planning the trip and taking care of the times is essential

To travel and learn, especially in the case of long distances to travel, we may need to make connections. And for that reason it is good to be informed and prepared, in case those waits are shorter or longer than expected.

The risk of missing the connecting flight

If the time between flights is too short, there is the possibility of missing the next plane. The risk is even higher if, as required by a large number of airports, you must go through the passport verification process. Therefore, long lines can further delay the waiting time. This situation may even be due to the delay of the previous flight. In this case it is best to adhere to the European regulation and seek advice from companies like Flightright, claims experts.

In the past, users did not get any compensation if they missed their connecting flight, but now users passengers have more rights, which include compensation ranging from 250 to 600 euros in case there is a delay of more than 3 hours in the scheduled arrival of your flight. Additionally, depending on the delay of the flight, the traveler can ask the airline for other types of benefits ranging from drinks to a fully paid night in a nearby hotel, all this depending on the specific situation.

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The idea is to minimize the risk of missing the flight and the solution is in our hands. There are a number of tips you can follow to make layovers a more bearable process.

1. Avoid stopovers with different airlines

When buying the ticket, it is important to verify which airlines you are going to travel with. In case of short layovers, it is recommended to go with the same company since if the first flight is delayed and the second plane is lost, it can be more difficult to reach an agreement with both companies. In the case of traveling with the same airline, it is likely that internal concessions can be made to catch the next plane.

2. Verify the data of your scale very well

It is essential to be sure of the layover information, departure airport and arrival airport. In the event that they are airports in the same city, the transfer time from one place to another must be calculated, as well as the departure and arrival gates. Sometimes a airport can be big enough and the connection time is too short to miss the plane if you are not well located.

3. Bring the right luggage

Be aware and be informed of the checked baggage transfer conditions. There are airports that request to collect and re-register the bags in cases of connection. This process takes time and can be a determining factor when facing a short stopover. The ideal thing in case of short trips is to take a small cabin suitcase in order to avoid paperwork and save time both at the entrance and at the exit.

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4. Alert crew and staff about the situation

If it is a fact that the time we have to board the next plane is very short, it is good to be aware of all incidents. It can speak in advance with the airline to know the contingency plan or ask the cabin crew of the initial flight for a seat closer to the departure to reduce the waiting time on the plane. Finally, if there is a passport verification process, you can talk to the people in line so that they advance their turn if necessary.

5. Apps to help you with connections

In the age of information, it is very useful to access the airline and airport apps in order to access maps, waiting times and last minute information. Some of the most popular apps are GateGuru, for checking the correct aircraft gate, and Flightstars, with up-to-date flight status information.

There are several measures that can reduce the risk of missing a flight in the case of short stopovers. It’s all about be informed and plan the route in advance but in case the situation gets out of hand, there are regulations that defend the rights of the user and there is always something that can be done. Enjoy the trip and leave your worries behind!

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