Tokyo in 2 days: a plan to enjoy the city

Its capital is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting cities in Japan, and although it seems impossible to get to know it in a short time, it is not! Take good note of these tips to know what to see in Tokyo in 2 days.

What you may not know Tokyo is divided into two parts, traditional Tokyo and modern Tokyo. Don’t worry, with good planning and following our advice, you will be able to see everything in two days. Let’s start the route!

Tokyo in 2 days: first day

It is obvious that you will have to have a tight schedule if you do not want to miss anything, but it will be worth it, although we will try to make it as light as possible. We recommend starting in Harajuku, where you will come across the Meiji Shrine.

This is a shrine dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife Shoken. Around it we can find Yoyogi Parkwhich stands out in an amazing way for being located in the middle of the city.

Once you have explored this temple, you can go through Omotesando towards the Nezu Museumnear which there are some wonderful gardens that are also worth a visit.

evening in tokyo

At noon it’s time to get to know the most famous crossroads in the city. Yes, the one that you see in movies and advertisements and that is always full of people, we are talking about the well-known Shibuya crossing.

Don’t hesitate to stop and have a drink in one of its many cafes while people watching. And explore its stores, where you will see items that you may never have come across before in your life. Also It’s a good place to eat since there are many traditional and fast food establishments for little money.

Ropongi Hills is our next stop, a complex that clearly shows the modernity of the city. And from there to observatory on the 52nd floor in the Mori Tower, the tallest building in Tokyo.

Use the night to wander through its streets and continue enjoying the neighborhood of Roppongi or any other that attracts you. Tokyo is a city with infinite possibilities. No doubt!

Tokyo in 2 days: second day

Look how we have taken advantage of the first day in Tokyo and we have already seen almost half of the most characteristic things. Let’s go for the other half! Askusa is our first stop of the day.

We will visit the Sensoji temple and the Asakusa shrine. Both are spectacular, much more so if you visit them at night. But during the day you can enjoy each of its details, since they show a completely traditional Japanese architecture.

Thence we will go to know the park of Ueno, which is beautiful and will take you to the Tokyo National Museum. Very close to there is also the Toshogu shrine, one of the best known in traditional Tokyo.

afternoon visits

Tokyo Station is also a building worth visiting, and it will be an ideal place to eat. Remember that Japanese schedules are different from those of Europeans, so avoid going to a restaurant before one in the afternoon.

Very near the station you have the KITTE building, where the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum and the Bridgestone Art Museum are located. Although look first if you are interested in any of his exhibitions, if not, go to the Tokyo Imperial Palace, a must in the city.

Spend the last afternoon-night exploring the Marunouchi, Ginza or Shinjuku areas. The Ginza area, for example, is comparable to New York’s Times Square, with lights and billboards everywhere.

you see that this is a city of contrasts and is full of attractions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Tokyo in 2 days. Have you already taken good note for it? Well, we encourage you to put this route into practice on your next trip to the capital of Japan and tell us if it has worked for you.

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