Top 5 Best George Town Museums in Malaysia

George Town is a city with a series of museums for the whole family that are really interesting to make a complete trip.

Within Malaysia we find popular destinations such as Kuala Lumpur for being the capital, but also places as attractive as georgetown. It is a city that at a cultural and historical level offers a lot to know to all tourists and therefore it is worth discovering its main attractions.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is one of George Town’s star museumsOne of the interesting proposals is to visit the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. It is a museum where we find a hundred-year-old construction that is World Heritage. It offers us different objects related to Peranakan from Penang, who was one of the most important Chinese magnates of the 19th century. It houses different antique collectibles such as ceramic tiles, furniture, wood panels, decorative items, as well as offering a vision of the customs of this person at the time.

Penang Colonial Museum

The Penang Colonial Museum It is located in George Town, a very interesting museum since it allows visitors to learn more about the colonial era of the country. You can find different historical documents of Captain Francis Light, who was the person who founded Penang, as well as French-style furniture, white Carrara marble statues, paintings, stained glass by Hubert McGoldrick, among other pieces of great importance.

Penang Ghost Museum

For those who are not afraid, there is nothing better than visiting the Penang State Ghost Museum in George Town. It offers a tour of the most popular ghosts and legends in Malaysia. The tour allows you to see the representation of the ghostly figures that belong to the cultural legacy of Malaysia, urban legends. Among all of them, it is worth highlighting some such as Pontianakrelated to women who die in childbirth or also orang minyakwhich appears covered in oil.

gold Museum

The gold Museum It is another of the interesting visits to be able to do on vacation. It is a highly recommended visit for the whole family as it offers an experience similar to that experienced by the gold prospectors, with a museum full of gold pieces, a recreation of a mine so you can walk the corridors as if you were in a authentic mine.

Upside Down Museum

The Upside Down Museum The Upside Down Museum is a very curious place as it offers visitors the experience of being able to see the rooms of a house completely upside down. For example, we can walk through a room where all the furniture is in fact, giving the feeling that we are on the roof of the house. It is curious to see a kitchen and step on what is supposed to be the ceiling. It’s a fun experience for visitors, especially when taking photos walking on the supposed roof of the museum.

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