Top 5 Museums to Visit in Kerala

In Kerala we can discover its history and culture through the best museums to enjoy a complete trip in India.

Within the state of Kerala In India we find multiple museums to visit during the holidays and it is one of the worthwhile alternatives to make a trip as complete as possible throughout the year in this area of ​​the Asian continent. It is one of the interesting points to discover its culture.

Thrissur Archaeological Museum

Thrissur Archaeological Museum is one of the most impressive in KeralaThe Thrissur Archaeological Museum It is one of the interesting alternatives. It was originally housed in the famous Kollengode Palace building and was later moved to the Shakthan Thampuran Palace. Inside it is possible to enjoy models of temples, megaliths, ancient manuscripts, engravings, sculptures and pieces such as urns, clay pots, among other objects. It has a zoo, a visit to meet a wide variety of animals.

art Museum

Also in Thrissur we find the art Museum. It is a good place to discover different sculptures made of wood or metal, ancient jewelry, Japanese and Chinese artifacts. On the other hand we can see elements such as prehistoric dolmens, among other pieces of great importance. It is a place that offers very pleasant surprises for all tourists.

Hill Palace Museum

The Hill Palace Museum It is located about 10 kilometers from Kochi. It is a construction that belonged to the ancient rulers of this area of ​​India. is currently the Ethnoarchaeological Museum and offers a wide collection of sculptures, important manuscripts, oil paintings, murals, among other objects such as ancient ceramics.

Arakkal Kettu Museum

Another option is to know the Arakkal Kettu Museum, a construction that belonged to the family of Arakkal Ali Rajas. It offers different artifacts, relics of the royal family, wooden boxes, old daggers, swords, among other very special objects that visitors can see during their visit.

Museum of History and Heritage

One museum that you should not miss out on while on holiday in Kerala is the Museum of History and Heritage located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. It is a very interesting museum where you can take a tour to learn about the history of this area of ​​India, archaeological pieces from different eras such as Neolithic times, funerary elements from the Iron Age, sculptures of different gods and goddesses made of materials such as bronze and stone, coins, as well as other pieces. One of the important ones is the Brahma sculpture dating from the 14th century.

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