Top 5 of the best museums in Bern

Bern is a spectacular Swiss city to visit some of its most impressive museums during the holidays.

The beautiful city of Bern in Switzerland gives us the chance to discover some of its many attractions on a historical, natural and cultural level. In this sense, some of the great visits that can be made during the holidays for the town They can be to its different and attractive museums that are so worth it.

Bern Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Bern is one of the great recommendationsAs a first recommendation we have the Bern Museum of Fine Arts, a museum dating from the 19th century and offering a permanent collection made up of 3,000 paintings and sculptures, engravings, videos, photographs, among other pieces of great importance. Everything on display dates from the Middle Ages to the present, with great artists such as Picasso, Paul Klee, among others who are present.

Zentrum Paul Klee

The Zentrum Paul Klee It is a museum totally dedicated to the life and work of the artist Paul Klee, to be able to know his great works. It is located inside a modern building designed by the architect Renzo Piano. It offers some 690 works that were donated by the painter’s family, as well as additional works and documents on loan.

history Museum

History lovers have at their disposal the Bern History Museum, which is located in a rather attractive construction, it is the Oberhofen castle. It offers different collections on the prehistory and history of Bern, an opportunity to learn about the city. The collection is made up of ethnographic, archaeological, numismatic and historical pieces.

einstein museum

The Einsteinhaus or Einstein House It is a museum in Bern that is quite interesting for those who want to know the former residence of this very popular character in the world of quantum physics. You can see different furniture and decorative pieces of the time, as well as see aspects of his life and his work on the different floors of this museum.

Museum of Natural History

It is well worth bearing in mind the Museum of Natural History from the city, with a wide collection of different minerals from the Alpine region, animals that have been preserved from Africa, Asia and Switzerland, a collection of invertebrates, meteorites, skeletons and bones of animals from different parts of Switzerland. You can meet endangered animals such as snow leopards, Indian rhinos, among others. It offers other collections such as one of Nordic animals and a section of native birds and mammals.

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