Top 8 of the best places for a proposal in Barcelona

Are you looking for the best places for a proposal in Barcelona? So, you are in the right place, we will help you discover eight of the best places for your love proposal to be magical.

Yes, a good marriage proposal can make the difference between remembering the moment or forgetting it in time. The idea is for it to be a spectacular moment, where your partner feels comfortable and ready to receive that great news. Remember to bring a special gift or your favorite flowers purchased at Flowwowthe best online platform for sellers and customers, which works in 950 cities around the world.

Where to ask for marriage in Barcelona?

We all want our wedding to be an incomparable moment. For this reason, we want the marriage proposal to be very special and show how much we love our partner. Although the most important thing in these cases is to speak from the heart and with sincerity and commitment, it doesn’t hurt to do it in the most romantic and special way that we can think of.

For this reason, we have decided to save you the work of choosing the ideal place. We will take care of showing you the best places, but you put the details of the proposal: the flowers, the words, the ring and the love. Without further ado, let’s start with this very special selection.

1. Love proposal on the best beaches in Barcelona

have you decided on The best places for a proposal in Barcelona? You will be able to contemplate the magic that the beaches have in this place. And it is that choosing a beach to ask for marriage is the most classic. They are full of romance, nature and peace.

We recommend you take a short walk so that the peak moment arrives together with the sunset. A proposal from a movie and worthy of a postcard! Do we know some?

  • Sant Simo Beach
  • Les Roques beach
  • Garbí beach
  • From the Nova Mar Bella
  • Barceloneta

2. Request for a hand in castles, in the best medieval style

proposal in castle barcelona

Well, and if the beach is not your thing, how about making your proposal in the best style of fairy tales? In Barcelona you can do it in beautiful castles that will make your evening something magical and unforgettable. Discover the best Castles in Barcelona:

  • Cardona Castle
  • Castellet Castellet
  • Castle of Montesquieu
  • Of Santa Florentina Castle
  • Granera Castle

3. A love proposal in a lovers’ park in Barcelona

Barcelona park proposal

Are you going to make a proposal in Barcelona? Why not in a beautiful park? Parks are usually quiet, surrounded by flowers and trees, so it can be your ideal place. If you add to this that it is a place that you frequented with your partner, there is no better option. Know some, you will love them.

  • Mosen Cinto Verdaguer Garden
  • Gardens of the Palau de los Heures
  • Cervantes Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • From the Palau de Pedralbes (Garden)

4. The best rooftops in Barcelona for an incredible proposal

proposal hand rooftop barcelona

Have you thought of any rooftops Come in The best places for a proposal in Barcelona? Without a doubt, this will be an unforgettable moment. In a rooftop, you and your partner will not only have a private moment, you can also have a amazing view of beautiful Barcelona. A postcard image that will live with you every time you remember this special moment.

These places are amazing. Meet the best:

  • terrace of the indianas
  • Rooftops Terrace/Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Alaire terrace Bar/ Hotel Condes de Barcelona
  • Ohlá Chill Out Terrace

5. The best hotels in Barcelona for a more private proposal

Barcelona hotel proposal

An ideal proposal for the most elegant and sophisticated! If you are one of those who love to dress up and have your best outfit for special occasions, there is nothing better than making your proposal in the best hotels in Barcelona.

To this is added that before or after the proposal they can use the hotel facilities. How about a delicious candlelit dinner to celebrate? Or a relaxing bath in the spa? Definitely, your partner will be fascinated.

  • La Dolce Vitae/ Majestic Hotel
  • Blue View/ Hotel Casa Fuster
  • Plat Unic/ Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar
  • La Isabella/ Hotel 1898
  • Sky Bar/ Hotel Iberostar

6. The most emblematic places for a proposal in Barcelona

best places for a proposal in barcelona

Do you want your proposal in Barcelona to be unforgettable? While we’ve already seen some amazing places to propose, you might be more inclined towards some of the most iconic spots in the city. And let us tell you that they are not few. Well, This city is full of historical places that, also due to their architecture, are ideal for any special occasion.. So why not take the big step in one of them?

We recommend this selection, especially if Barcelona has been that faithful accomplice in their nights of meeting and falling in love. Discover the most emblematic places to surprise your partner. Don’t you know them yet?

  • Sacred Family
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Las Ramblas
  • The Milá house (La Pedrera)
  • Picasso museum

7. The most original places for love in seductive Barcelona

couple marriage

Do you want your marriage proposal in Barcelona to be as original as possible? If so, you will surely want to skip the most classic places to go to one completely different. This will not only make the event a unique moment, it will also be something to recount over and over again.

Get to know those places that will make you feel unique when making your proposal. Write them down!

  • The Convent of Sant Agusti
  • The gates of the sea and the Roman baths
  • Temple of San Augusto
  • Castellcir Castle
  • the other holy family

8. The most beautiful gardens in Barcelona. Do your best proof of love

garden couple

What’s cuter among The best places for your proposal in Barcelona what a beautiful garden? Not for nothing, flowers and nature are related to love. We are sure that, being surrounded by so much beauty, your proposal will be enviable.

We recommend the most beautiful ones, write them down.

  • Joal Maragall Gardens
  • Joan Brossa Jardins
  • Historical Botanical Garden of Barcelona
  • Gardens of Laribal
  • Portolá Gardens

Some questions you may have…

We know that the emotion of asking for your partner’s hand is great. And you may not have thought about certain practical points that you should know. But do not worry. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions from newly engaged. Take note:

1. Where to propose marriage in Barcelona?

If you want a marriage proposal that will make your partner kneel at your feet, you should consider these places:

  • Plaza de Isidre Nonel (the world is born in each kiss)
  • Magic fountain of Montjuic
  • Roof of Casa Batlló
  • Cervantes Rose Garden

2. Where can I propose to my girlfriend?

Still not convinced and want something totally special? I recommend that you think about the following options for your proposal:

  • From a place full of trees and flowers.
  • A pool to fill with rose petals.
  • In a cinema where they can stop the movie and set the room with a photo of both.
  • A rustic stairway lined with flowers somewhere tucked away.
  • A concert (do your best banner)

3. What words to say before asking for marriage?

Do you already know where to propose your love, but you can’t find the right words? I will help you with the following sentences:

  1. “Today I want to make the most important decision of my life. Will you marry me?”.
  2. “I think the places I’ve been and the photos I’ve taken throughout my life have been leading me to you. Do you want us to start a new journey together?”
  3. “I love you and I need to express it in other ways. Do you want me to tell you at the altar?”

4. How to propose marriage?

Still have no idea how to propose? Don’t worry, I’ll help you with some ideas:

  • From some super original place, like a paraglider.
  • In a restaurant, with music and a beautiful poster.
  • You can put a big banner in the middle of a park and invite your beloved to a plane ride.
  • If you have nephews, make them participate in your marriage proposal (they will be delighted).

have you discovered the best places for a proposal in Barcelona? We hope the post has been useful. Have a magical proposal and a very happy marriage!