Tourism continues to grow in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region managed to reach the great number of 30 million tourists in 2017, which is really positive data.

One of the most successful and attractive regions in the world to enjoy as a couple continues to be the Caribbean. In recent years, the growth of visitors to this region has been quite remarkable and 2017 has undoubtedly been a simply spectacular year. The beaches, climate and a wide variety of routes are very important factors for travelers to consider the region.

The Caribbean managed to attract 30 million tourists throughout the year 2017In 2017 the Caribbean managed to attract some 30 million international tourists, an excellent figure since it is the first time that this barrier has been crossed. The prognosis is very positive for 2018 since it is expected that an increase of a maximum of 3% can be achieved, which would be a really positive percentage if it occurs.

In this way the tourism growth It is accompanied by the increase in spending for each of the tourists who traveled to Caribbean lands, which is another positive factor that must be taken into account. The different hurricanes like Irma or María did not have a very negative influence and therefore it is very good news.

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Among the most interesting destinations we find the 11% increase of travelers to Saint Lucia or 10.8% of travelers who arrived in Belize, in addition to the 10.3% increase in visitors who were able to enjoy Bermuda, another very attractive place in the Caribbean thanks to its excellent beaches, outdoor activities free, in addition to great weather.

Almost 50% of the tourists arrived at different destinations such as Cancun, Cozumel, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Suriname, which is a very attractive group of destinations whose increase in the number of visitors was 6% throughout the entire year. year.

There are areas of the Caribbean where hurricanes had very negative consequences, such as the Dutch and Eastern Caribbean, such as decreases of up to 7.9%. A good part of the travelers came from the United States and reached the 14.9 million visitors who enjoyed Caribbean lands on vacation. It is expected that other markets such as the European one can continue to improve to have more positive data in 2018.

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