Tourism in Gibraltar. What to see and do?

This small rock is already worth visiting for the simple fact of being a piece of land close to Spain, although it belongs to Great Britain. Well, in addition to this, the rock hides beautiful corners that we want you to discover when you come with us on a tour of Gibraltar. You sign up?

what to see from gibraltar tourism

The monkeys

It is one of the biggest and most curious attractions. In its highest part small monkeys gather in herds that you can see, and even play with them. However, be careful because they are very mischievous and even a little thieves.

In the zone there are keepers who will tell you whether or not you can approach them, that they will take pictures of you by their side and that they will help you in case of a mishap. We say this because they are known to take bags and mobile phones that they like to throw down the mountain.

your views

Taking a cable car from the foot of the rock or a minibus you can reach the area mentioned above, but this time we are not going to see monkeys. We want to stop at the heights to see the beautiful landscape that surrounds this piece of land that emerges from the sea.

Just water almost everywhere, but in the front mixed with civilization and crowned by Morocco in the background. While, in the back you will see wild beaches with rough waves that give us an impressive stage.

“It is no longer the one who reaches the highest, but the one who, influenced by the beauty that surrounds him, feels more intensely.”

-Maurice Herzog-

your airport

Yes, don’t worry, we weren’t wrong. We mention Gibraltar airport as a tourist attraction because is one of the most curious in the worldand we think it’s worth seeing.

Its only track crosses horizontally the plain that precedes the rock, so you have no choice but to cross the only main road in and out of Gibraltar. Regulated by traffic lights, both for vehicles and for pedestrians, planes take off and land without mishaps.

For this, do not be surprised if while you are entering the rock, a traffic light prevents you from passing and suddenly you see a plane cross. This is the daily bread in the place.

Great Siege Tunnels

The Rock of Gibraltar has its particular history. Well, an example of this is the defense system that exists underground. It is a network of tunnels that extends several kilometers around the rock.

They were excavated during the siege that occurred between 1779 and 1783 with the aim of defending Gibraltar from the Spanish and French forces that were trying to recapture the rock. Later, during the Second World War, they were reinforced and again very useful in bringing peace of mind to the locals from a military offensive.

Saint Michael’s Cave

It seems that Gibraltar is a surprise underground. There are numerous charming caves here, about 150 specifically. Among them stands out that of San Miguel, not only for its beauty, but also because it is believed that the archangel Michael appeared in it.

Regardless of whether or not you are religious, as a natural area it is not wasted. Its grotto of stalactites and stalagmites is not very impressive. If you are touring Gibraltar, you cannot miss this wonder of nature.

Other things to do and know about tourism in Gibraltar

Go to shopping

One of the advantages of being a border crossing is not having to pay taxes at the time of buying. This is the perfect place to buy designer glasses and clothes, technology and perfumes. While it is true that some say that, for example, clothing is expensive, its quality is incredible, and buying it outside here could cost almost twice as much.

know their language

Although being a British territory their main language is English, their Andalusian Spanish with an Anglo-Saxon accent will make you smile. But also, they themselves have invented a language known as ‘llanito’, a very peculiar language that arises from the union of both languages.

Some of his funniest expressions are ‘don’t give me the tin’, a phrase made in Spanish but that does not exist in English. Another very funny expression is ‘I’ll call you back’, which means that he calls you later.

Anyway, it seems incredible that such a small piece of land can give so much play. Do you sign up for a tourism route through Gibraltar?

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