Tourism in Madeira continues to advance

The Madeira archipelago continues to offer great possibilities to enjoy spectacular holidays.

A reference destination continues to be the Madeira archipelago, a spectacular area of ​​Portugal from a natural and cultural point of view, which is well worth taking into account for a very complete trip. Every year it tends to become a highly desired area by travelers.

Madeira got a total of 1.4 million tourists during the year 2017The data obtained from last year are simply spectacular, since the Madeira archipelago has managed to reach the 7.5 million overnight stayswith a total of 1.4 million tourists throughout the year, some very good data that makes it clear that the progress of tourism is excellent.

It is intended to continue with this positive trend since the tourism sector is very important and helps to create new jobs. Last year the €400 million in tourist spending, a truly spectacular figure that is worth keeping in mind since it is essential that it continue to rise each year.

more visitors

Many visitors They tend to be elderly as they find Madeira a quiet place to stay and enjoy the natural corners, which is what they usually look for. They can also enjoy different popular festivals and events throughout the year to make a trip at all times.

The local authorities know that by offering varied alternatives throughout the year they have a good presence of tourists of different ages, so that both as a couple and as a family can enjoy their best alternatives. The variety of establishments hoteliers It helps a lot for travelers from different parts of Europe and outside the continent to choose this area of ​​Portugal that is so popular.

It is a very interesting area where sun and beach tourism is an excellent alternative to take advantage of throughout the summer months, which are the most suggestive for a getaway and to get to know this area of ​​Europe that is so appealing.

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