Travel the Northwest Passage from Canada

A cruise through the Northwest Passage allows you to discover a unique experience through the ice of the Arctic Circle and see the fauna of the polar zone

There are trips that are out of the ordinary and that transport the traveler to live a very different experience what you are used to. We have already discussed that there are trips that take the most adventurous tourists to Antarctica to discover that frozen world. But there are other trips that what they do is reach the opposite end of the terrestrial globe, the Arctic Circle. The Hurtigruten shipping company begins sailing the Northwest Passage.

This legendary route starts from the Pacific Ocean and cross the canadian arctic, where you can discover the Inuit culture. the spirit of roald admunsen and other great arctic explorers mark this spectacular trip that certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. The spectacular views offered from the deck of the MS Framthe flagship of the company, make it a unique and wonderful experience.

From Holland to Canada and from there to the ends of the world

The adventure begins in Copenhagen, from where travelers fly to kangerlussuaq, where the MS Fram awaits them. The first stop will be at Sisimiuta modern place, but which has a long list of traditions, which have a lot to do with the whale watching. This port has another curiosity, and that is that the first ship that crossed the Northwest Passagethe Gjøa.

In Ilulissat You will be able to see how the icebergs break up and begin their navigation towards warmer waters. This is where you cross the Davis Straitto then reach the Inuit community of La Joya del Norte, which is located at the entrance of the Northwest Passage.


The seventh day of navigation is moored in the devon islandan uninhabited island where you can spot belugas, polar bears and a large number of animal species who have chosen it to live. Do not expect a calm trip, since the currents are strong, especially in the Bellot Straitwhere the daring will find a very powerful experience due to the presence of ice navigating through the area.

The passage through Victoria Strait and the James Ross Strait it will also offer intense moments to travelers. Finally, you will visit Gjøa Haven, where Amundsen and his crew spent two years exploring. Lastly, the MS Fram will come up Cambridge Baywhere the adventure ends for the Northwest Passage. This trip is priced at 12,557 euros per person, a fairly high amount, but it allows you to discover places that cannot be found in any other way. A wonderful experience that you have to live to understand.

Places of interest