Travel to Antarctica on vacation

Antarctica is one of the most curious places where you can travel and although it is a very complicated trip to make, it is quite an adventure to do so.

Today it is easy to travel to anywhere in the world, even to the most remote. Ok, it is true that it is easier to get to some places than others, but if we search we can find a way to get to places as complicated as the Antarctica. And it is that traveling to the Frozen Continent is also possible, although of course it is not a trip for anyone nor is it done in two or three days.

There are several companies that make trips to Antarcticareaching up to ice blocks that shape this continent perpetually hidden under ice and snow. You don’t travel there by plane, not even on a passenger ship, such as a comfortable cruise. Antarctica is reached with freight or exploration shipsconveniently prepared for passage, but far from being cruisers of the type that sail on Caribbean.

The trip to Antarctica is made with merchant or exploration ships

Travel to Antarctica It is not a thing for daring explorers anymore, although it must be borne in mind that it is not a relax and beach trip, but it is a quite demanding trip, mainly due to the low temperatures that will be endured. Although most of the companies that do this tour in boats prepared for the complexity of this trip, there are also some that do it by sailboat, something that makes the vacation much more exciting.

The ships depart from both Argentina and Chile, depending on the type of trip contracted. Some reach Ushuaia, the southernmost point of America, which in itself is a spectacular place. Other boats go much further, reaching the coasts of the continent and even allow disembarking in this totally white paradise.

During the journey, which can sometimes also include the Falkland Islands, it is possible to see the imposing whales that live in these waters. On dry land, or rather on the ice, you can see the bird and penguin colonies who inhabit this area. An impressive trip that, on the other hand, is especially expensive and not as comfortable as they are other types of cruises. Even so, you have to think that it is one of those trips that you have to take to feel, at least for a few days, a few true explorers.

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