Travel to Egypt: a journey through history

Egypt, the country of the pharaohs, the pyramids in the desert and the mythical Nile River. Egypt, the destination dreamed of by any restless traveler. A place where enigmas, history and legends are its great attractions. Who has not dreamed of traveling to Egypt? And those who know him, hope to return. Keep reading and you will agree with us.

The dream of travel to egypt

When travel was not made by tourists, but by explorers, Egypt was the land to discover. And today, when any tourist can reach those places that were previously inaccessible, one must not think that there are no secrets hidden in the Egyptian landscapes and monuments. There are, and many, who knows what surprises await you there?

So, if you are planning to travel to Egypt, pay attention, We have prepared a list with the sites that you should not miss. Of course, even if you travel comfortably like a tourist, feel like a true explorer before the following wonders!

1. Alexandria

On the shores of the Mediterranean, Alexandria is a good place to start a tour of Egypt. This city is the mythical city founded by Alexander the Greatand there was one of the Seven Wonders of Antiquity, the Library of Alexandria.

But above all, it was the city of perhaps the most famous character in Egypt: the beautiful Cleopatra. For all this, This city is perhaps the most cosmopolitan in the country.

2. Cairo

The great capital of present-day Egypt is a usual place of accommodation to start from there the visit to different nearby places. But the city itself has a lot to see. One of its great attractions is the so-called Citadel of Saladinwith various Muslim temples, among which the Alabaster Mosque stands out.

But there are more things to see in Cairo, for example, its famous Egyptian Museum. A museum that keeps some of the most interesting sculptural and pictorial remains of the Pharaonic era.

It is also recommended to visit its vibrant Khan El Kalili bazaar. And you have to feel all the magic of the city in its Liberation Square, or Midan Al Tahrir, a place of celebration and demands.

3. Pyramids of Giza

We have already said that Cairo is a good place to stay to discover its surroundings. And among them, without a doubt, the pyramids of Giza stand out. They are one of the great reasons to travel to Egypt and symbol of the country.

What traveler has not dreamed of contemplating them? Words are unnecessary, It is one of those places that can hardly be described.

“There is nothing like traveling to broaden culture. But also to refine the sensitivity. I met Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco. At the end of my travels I came back with only one conviction: we are nothing.”

-Roberto Bolaño-

4. Memphis and Saqqara

Saqqara necropolis – kataleewan intarachote

Other common visits from Cairo are the ancient city of Memphis and its neighbor Saqqara. Memphis was the great capital of the pharaohsand although today it is a great archaeological site, it is true that it radiates all that ancient power.

Y next to it, is Saqqara, which was the city of the dead at that time, a great necropolis with some of the most impressive monuments of all the heritage of Egypt.

5. Karnak

We leave the lower course of the Nile and go up its course, if possible in a wonderful river cruise on this impressive river. That’s a great way to get to Karnak. It is the oldest temple in Ancient Egyptand not only that, but from it starts the very long Avenue of the Sphinxes, which leads for 3 kilometers to Luxor.


Another majestic temple that you should visit if you plan to travel to Egypt. But also, Luxor invites you to enter the Valley of the Kings and the Queens. It deals with the sites chosen by the pharaohs of the New Kingdom to be buried. And, who was the best known tenant of this place? The famous Tuttankhamun.

7. Abu Simbel

Y our tour of the Nile takes us to the city of Aswan, which gives its name to one of the most famous hydraulic dams in the world. A dam that caused countless pharaonic temples to be dismantled so that they would not be flooded by the river.

That was the case of Abu Simbel, the great construction of Ramses II. Or rather we should say the great excavation, since It is a work carved in the rock. Which was not a problem to carry out a delicate transfer to its current location.

8. Sharm El Sheikh

We want to end this tour of Egypt by traveling to the Red Sea. A place we can fly to from Aswan airport. The destination must be the coastal city of Sharm El Sheik. A fantastic place to dive among coral reefs or to rest on the beach after the adventure of touring the country. We cannot think of a better place to end this trip.

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