Travel to Florida: tips to enjoy the visit

Traveling to Florida is one of the most compelling experiences in North America. The tourist options are numerous and the weather is more than pleasant. In this article we offer you a series of tips on those aspects that you should take into account before starting a visit. Do you dare to meet them?

Decide what you want to see and do before you travel to Florida

As with any trip, before heading to Florida it is important to be clear about what you want to visit. It is the best way to adjust the budgetestablish the duration of the adventure and, above all, not miss out on any of the charms that this wonderful state has to offer.

One of the most recommended plans is to enjoy the amusement parks of Orlando. Walt Disney World Resort is located here, a complex with four theme parks and numerous hotels. There is also Universal Studios. Or the SeaWorld, with various aquariums, attractions and an artificial reef.

From Orlando we went to Miami, to enjoy its beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and white sand. The most famous and crowded is, without a doubt, South Beach. Next to it is Ocean Drive, a long street lined with buildings art deco and for which a large number of people skate.

Also in this state You can tour the Florida Keys. And, of course, you have to visit the Everglades National Park, full of alligators.

If you still have time, nothing like feeling like an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. And to end the visit, you can get to know St. Augustine, the capital of Spanish Florida in ancient timesor navigate the New River, the Venice of America.

Define your budget before traveling to Florida

You already know all the leisure possibilities that Florida offers. Now you have to prepare a budget based on the sites you are going to visit or the activities you are going to carry out. It is also important that you think about how much you want to spend on transportation or accommodation.

Whatever the amount, and knowing that the official currency of the United States is the dollar, you have to decide how much money you are going to exchange. It can be done at the bank before the trip or at an ATM or exchange house already in the country.

If you are one of those who prefers to pay by credit card, it is convenient that before traveling to Florida you know the commissions that can be charged.

Book accommodation and transportation in advance

The earlier you book the accommodation, the cheaper its price will be. You can find it through a specialized page or search engine. There are applications that have filters to make the search easier. So you can choose only between the establishments that have the location or the services you want.

As with accommodation plane tickets must also be purchased in advance. Also, there are several companies low cost that travel to this state, such as Norwegian. Of course, not all operate in the same cities. The most common airports are Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

Apart from the plane, surely you plan to move from one place to another to enjoy the greatest charms of Florida. Then, You can also buy train or bus tickets before starting the adventure. Or you can look for a rental car if you prefer to go on your own, without depending on schedules.

Choose the best time to travel to Florida

Florida is the state of sunshine and good weather. The star king shines in the place during the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. However, it is in summer when the weather is warmer, with an average temperature of thirty degrees. To this we must add the rains and strong storm gusts.

So, the best time to travel to Florida is from the end of November to the middle of May. It is at that time when the average temperatures range between twenty and twenty-five degrees and rainfall is minimal. This will help you enjoy a dream vacation in this place.

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