Travel to Lisbon: what to see and do in 2 days

We are going to travel to Lisbon, one of the most vibrant European capitals and the most famous city in Portugal. A city that offers us numerous plans, from exploring its charming neighborhoods to visiting its monuments. Lisbon never leaves indifferent. And, if you don’t have much time, don’t worry, we’ll give you ideas to make the most of a getaway.

One of the problems that people usually have when organizing a trip is the lack of time. In fact, Lisbon has so much to see that it is impossible to see everything in one weekend. Nevertheless, in two days we will be able to visit the fundamental places of this wonderful city. In this way, we will breathe the magical and unique charm of it.

Travel to Lisbon: first day

Rossio Square – ESB Professional

Traveling to Lisbon is soaking up the bucolic atmosphere of the city, beginning to “falar” with a Portuguese accent, admiring each of its streets, getting on the tram and discovering wonderful gastronomy. Therefore, for the first day of this trip we suggest:

  • In the morning walk through the Alfama neighborhoodvisiting the castle of San Jorge, the cathedral and the viewpoint of Santa Lucía to later eat Bacalhau à brás at one of the neighborhood restaurants.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Restauradores Square and walk along the Baixa Pombalinapassing through Rossio and Commerce squares, crossing Rua Augusta and going up in the Santa Justa elevator

This detailed outline explains the essential places for the first day of the trip. However, the ideal way to understand what we are going to visit is to know more about those sites. Thus, Next, we will tell you the curiosities necessary to travel to Lisbon.

Alfama neighborhood

Cathedral – Farbregas Hareluya

This Lisbon neighborhood is one of the oldest and also authentic in the city. Once we enter the neighborhood, its streets will turn into beautiful paths that will guide you to its monuments.

In this area we will find the castle of San Jorge and the cathedral of Lisbon. Besides, we will be able to observe a magnificent panoramic view from the Santa Lucía viewpoint. You can take the tram up to this point and from there go around the neighborhood.

For this first day, getting up early is key, since the castle of San Jorge is very large and with numerous curiosities. Therefore, it is advisable to go early to visit it. To get there, the neighborhood turns into a small labyrinth, so you must have the map at hand.

As for the cathedral, it is one of the jewels of this city. It is one of the few buildings that has survived earthquakes and fires. A beautiful Romanesque construction with a cloister that is worth discovering.

Restauradores Square and Baixa Pombalina

Commerce Square – Dennis van de Water

The Plaza de los Restauradores is one of the main tourist destinations to reach the Barrio Alto later on. In this square we will find buildings with fascinating architecture and the famous Obelisk. In addition, between this square and the Rossio square is the Rossio railway station.

If we continue walking we will enter the Baixa Pombalina. There we can see the Rossio Square, known for its souvenir shops and restaurants. Also the Plaza del Comercio, with incredible views of the river and the arch of Rua Augusta, the main street in the center of Lisbon.

Besides, from this area we can visit the Santa Justa elevator to contemplate one of the best panoramic views of the city.


“For the traveler who arrives by sea, Lisbon seen like this, from afar, stands as a beautiful vision of a dream, standing out against the blue of the sky, which the sun animates.”

– Fernando Pessoa

Travel to Lisbon: second day

For this second day of travel, we detail in a schematic way the most important:

  • In the morning walk through the neighborhood of Belém. Here you can visit the Jerónimos Monastery, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Belém Tower. Of course you should try the graze from Belem.
  • In the afternoon return to the center to tour the Barrio Altoenter the Pavilhão Chinês and enjoy the views from the viewpoint of San Pedro Alcántara


Jerónimos Monastery – Inacio Pires

We will start the day visiting Belém, just a few kilometers from Lisbon. From the center you can easily get there by tram. Over there, You must visit the great Jerónimos Monasterywith a cloister and a church that will fascinate you.

One step away is the spectacular Monument to the Discoveries and also the famous tower of Belém. To eat, you can do so in one of the many restaurants in the area or return to the center.

Tour of Lisbon

Chiado Square – Michaelpuche /

Back to Lisbon, and to lower the food, we recommend you get lost in the Barrio Alto and Chiadodiscovering the most alternative and bohemian atmosphere of the Portuguese capital.

Here you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from the viewpoint of San Pedro Alcántara. And later, the ideal plan is to have a drink in one of the most renowned bars in the city: the Pavilhão Chinês, where it is possible to drink a soft drink while observing collections worthy of a museum. It is an indescribable place, do not miss it.

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