Travel with your family to Hong Kong for Christmas

Hong Kong is one of the great destinations in China, but what many may not imagine is that Christmas dates are also special here. If you are thinking of a winter getaway, We tell you why going to Hong Kong at Christmas is a good idea. It is even if you travel with the little ones. Do you want to know everything to see and do there? We tell you!

Why go to Hong Kong at Christmas

Hong Kong is a special city where they exist, which has managed to perfectly merge modernity with tradition. A tradition that is perceived in each of its corners. However, also have “adopted” western customs. For this reason, Hong Kong at Christmas is a real spectacle.

The city is dressed in colored lights and adorned with trees. Stores display their most amazing windows to encourage you to buy. And, of course, you have to immerse yourself in the atmosphere that surrounds the entire city and that will infect you with the Christmas spirit.

How to enjoy Christmas in Hong Kong

You can enjoy endless special activities that are only carried out on these important dates. You will see one of the most beautiful shows at night. Some buildings in the city emit lights and images in the sky in the form of Christmas elements such as snowflakes, reindeer or trees.

The lighting is part of the Winterfest. A festival that is celebrated throughout the month of December and in which you can also enjoy fireworks shows and very varied artistic exhibitions. You will have a great time seeing another way of celebrating Christmas, even if it does not differ so much from ours.

Y a place you cannot miss if you spend Christmas in Hong Kong: the 1881 Heritage Building. It has hundreds of stores and commercial premises inside. But what will catch your attention, and especially that of the little ones, is the huge snowman on its door. Worthy of admiration.

What else to see and do in Hong Kong

Of course, you must enjoy the shows in Hong Kong at Christmas. But that does not mean that you cannot discover the charms of the city. Thus, we tell you what else to see and do. Do not miss it!

Ride Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is a tram that is over 120 years old. that reaches one of the highest points in the city, 522 meters. From there you can get some impressive panoramic views, not to mention what you will enjoy on the tram ride.

Visit the History Museum

This free museum was opened in 1957 and will take you on an exciting journey through the history of the city to this day. You will be able to know what Hong Kong was in the past and also how it got to what it is today. Exciting, no doubt.

Go to the night markets

Although the nickname of “city that never sleeps” has New York, Hong Kong could also be cataloged as such. Here you can visit various night markets where you can buy almost anything, see street shows or even eat at one of its stalls. A unique experience.

Do not miss Symphony of Lights

We have mentioned the Christmas light show. Well, this can be seen every night at 8throughout the year. Symphony of Lights adorns the skyline of the city with incredible beams of light and LED screens, while melodies played by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra play in the background.

Go up an escalator

We are not talking about any stairs, but about the longest escalators in the world. They are more than 800 meters long and climb about 135 meters in height in twenty minutes. A long but incredible tour that will make you see the world from another perspective.

These are just some of the things you cannot miss to see and do in Hong Kong at Christmas. But if you get lost and let yourself go through its streets, you will discover other corners full of charm. How about a getaway to this interesting city?

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