Traveler preferences for your cruise

A complete survey of 3,000 cruise passengers offers the preferences of travelers to design the ideal cruise trip for the majority of them

live a cruise It is one of the most desired experiences during the holidays. For this reason, it is important for cruise organizers to know what cruise passengers want to make their experience something totally different and special. To know these preferences, the CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) has conducted a survey of 3,000 adults who have taken a cruise in the last two years and which presents Aquotic, a cheap cruise search engine.

With the data collected they have made a report in which the tastes and cruise ship preferences, so they can figure out how to improve the services and make the cruise one to remember. Let’s look at those trends that will make cruise ships are even more impressive and impressive.

Cruises with personalized experiences

A large number of those interviewed, which add up to 35% of the total, want to live a personalized and unique cruise experience. what they want is power cook with a great chef acquaintance, take a personalized course on their favorite hobby, an adventure excursion in which they discover something exciting. In short, they want something different, something that fills them up and offers them an incentive to remember that vacation.

health cruises

Curiously, the second option for cruise passengers is to make a health cruise, wellness and relaxation. Massage sessions, yoga classes, healthy food workshops, sports activities and a more relaxed setting in which health is the protagonist. Something that, from the outset, seems to be the opposite of being a traditional cruise. 30% of those surveyed choose this option for their next cruise.

tech cruises

25% of those surveyed prefer a tech cruise. In other words, a cruise with powerful Wi-Fi, well-connected cabins and places where you can surfing the Internet and discover everything you need to enjoy the different stopovers where the cruise will stop. And, on board, distractions and activities related to technology to make everything more intense.

Personalized cruises to discover

Cruises to share

If a cruise is a unique experience, why not share it with everyone? A cruise to share It must be full of moments to immortalize on social networks. Concerts on board, experiences to photograph and incentives for everything to be reflected on social networks are things that are valued, above all, by millennials.

sustainable cruises

8% of the surveyed cruise passengers choose sustainable tourism aboard green cruises. These cruise passengers request ships that pollute less and let them be Respectful towards the environment and with the cultures of the inhabitants of the different ports that are visited.

A mixture of all these types of cruises would be ideal and the companies strive to satisfy all travelers, although with this data, they can create more exciting cruises that meet the passenger expectations. Theme cruises are becoming more common and allow cruisers with the same hobbies to travel together.

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