Traveling by car in the United States: useful tips

Traveling by car in the United States is one of the tourist goals of many travelers. And it is that the country, from coast to coast, offers endless possibilities. Therefore, below we give you a series of indications that you must take into account. We also explain various routes that you can follow and that are of great interest. You dare?

What is it like to drive in the United States?

Before looking at the possible routes we have to know what it means to drive in the United States. The first: You can drive on state highways or highways. The state of the former is remarkable. The latter, on the other hand, tend to have a lot of traffic, especially those on the East Coast and on vacation dates and rush hours.

The speed limit varies from one to another. However, the usual thing is that it is seventy miles per hour, which is equivalent to just over one hundred and ten kilometers per hour. In any case, the signals will take care of reminding us at all times so as not to go overboard and avoid having to face any sanction.

Already in the city, there are some like Los Angeles where it is not particularly easy to navigate, so you have to pay special attention. If we are going to move by car around the United States, better help yourself with a GPS device.

Regarding where to park once we have reached our destination, exist car parks They work with a fixed rate. They are perfect for those who are going to enjoy long stays.

Rent a car in the United States

It is convenient to choose the model that best suits our needs and preferences. For example, if you want to visit the national parks, it may be advisable to rent a 4×4. This type of vehicle allows you to travel on somewhat difficult roads.

Likewise, whatever our choice, the ideal is to rent the vehicle in advance and online. To find the best price there are trackers that make a comparison between different companies.


Normally, car rental companies offer free cancellation up to forty-eight hours before the pick-up in case we finally change our plans.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that The fact of delivering the car in a different state to the one that we have picked it up entails a cost. This usually exceeds two hundred dollars and is never charged in advance. It must also be returned with the same tank of fuel that it originally had.

Travel by car in the United States

Once we know what it is like to drive in the United States and how we should rent a car, it is time to start our route. But which one to follow? The possibilities are numerous.

Surely you have heard of her. The most famous is Route 66, which connects Chicago with Los Angeles.. It runs through eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. It has almost four thousand kilometers.

Another recommended option is to follow Highway 2, that starts in Washington and ends on the East Coast. More specifically, in Maine. In total there are 4,150 kilometers of route in which to enjoy the alpine splendor of the west. You will also see the prairies of the Great Plains or the Great Lakes.

And we should talk about Highway 61 or Great River Road. It is a road that begins in the northern lakes of Minnesota and ends in New Orleans. A road that follows the course of the Mississippi River.

And there are even more attractive options. you can tour the Pacific Coast Highway, which runs along the West Coast of the country from the border with Mexico to the state of Washington. You can also follow Highway 163, which runs through typical landscapes of the Wild West.

the end of the journey

Secondly, It is very common for many car trips in the United States to end in Las Vegas. It is a city where fun is more than guaranteed and where you can visit various places of interest.

Don’t miss Caesars Palace and other hotels like the Venetian or the Luxor. Neither are the Bellagio fountains. And of course, You must visit the Grand Canyon of the Coloradoone of the most demanded excursions.

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