Traveling to Amsterdam for the first time: 5 practical tips

Are you going to travel to Amsterdam for the first time? You’re lucky! Then, We are going to give you some key tips to organize your trip and that everything goes perfect. There is no time to miss out on opportunities in a city as lively as this one. Ready to take note? Let’s start!

Tips for traveling to Amsterdam for the first time

One never hurts a few tips, especially if it is one of the first times that you are going to travel through Europe. In the case of Amsterdam, we have some caveats to do and what we hope you consider before traveling. Here they go!

1. Book in advance


Amsterdam is one of the most visited European cities on the continent. It has great tourist, historical and cultural attractions, and for this reason, every year millions of tourists from all over the world come to the capital of the Netherlands.

If we want to ensure our accommodation, transportation and even tickets to tourist places, we have to book in advance. This way we will avoid scares and, even, we will be able to take important discounts. Don’t forget this first tip! The best accommodation and transport options are for the fastest.


By reserving in time, places such as the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum will have a guaranteed visit. Or you won’t have to wait in line to access them.

2. Check the weather before you go

Jordan neighborhood

There is nothing more changeable in Holland than its weather. Due to its location to the north and below sea level, it is a very humid placewhich only means one thing: rain.

While you pack your suitcase, make sure to check the time What are you going to do in Amsterdam? Rain is likely, but it all depends on the season of the year you visit the city.

Another important piece of advice is not to trust yourself. A radiant sun may appear on the page Web or weather app and be surprised by a downpour while walking around Amsterdam. So, We advise you to bring an umbrella, raincoat or raincoat. And suitable shoes for the rain!

3. Bring a bottle of water


Amsterdam is an environmentally friendly city, and there is a notable concern for all possible measures to help the planet. Among them is recycling and, more specifically, the production of plastics.

We advise you to bring a bottle of water and go recharging it in its many fountains and public places. In all of them the water is drinkable and of good quality. Take advantage because, in addition to being beneficial for the environment, you are properly hydrated for the visit.

4. Enjoy the ease of getting around by bike

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Continuing with the environment, the Netherlands promotes the use of the bicycle as a means of transport. It is very common to see the Dutch move on two wheels. In fact, if there are 17 million people in Amsterdam, it is estimated that there is the same percentage of bicycles. Everyone has one!

If you want to experience the wind caressing your face and experience Amsterdam in a different way, We advise you to rent a bicycle to move around the city.

You will be able to see things faster and, in addition, it is a very cheap option. The average price per day for renting a bicycle is approximately 7 euros. Have a great time!

5. Respect in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

red light district

This last tip if you are going to travel to Amsterdam is related to one of its most popular places: the Red Light District. It is an area famous for its premises where prostitutes can be seen (prostitution is legal in the Netherlands) in their shop windows. This really draws the attention of foreign visitors.

However, measures have been taken to control the transit of tourists who walk through its streets. In order for the neighborhood to continue its normal activity, we advise you to show a respectful attitude during your walk and not take pictures of the shop windows, you could be fined.

What do you think of our tips for traveling to Amsterdam? If they have been useful to you, put them into practice during your visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We are sure that you will not regret choosing this destination. Head to the capital of the canals and embark on a safe and unforgettable trip!

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