Traveling to the Canary Islands in autumn, a highly recommended option

The Canary Islands are a very pleasant destination to visit in autumn and we have many reasons to enjoy a vacation or a getaway during these months

The arrival of autumn makes the peninsula dress in a different color. Temperatures drop, the interior is sought and getaways are different from those that can be planned in summer. But many people are still interested in spending a few days at the beach. And so, the Canary Islands become one of the most interesting places to visit during the fall.

One very important thing: the volume of tourism drops a lot from September, so crowds are avoided in the most touristic spots and you can enjoy much better. And although temperatures on the peninsula do not help to enjoy the beach, in the Canary Islands the temperatures continue to be pleasant and you still want to enjoy a swim on the beach.

attractions for all

The water attractions They are something that can also be enjoyed in the Canary Islands during the autumn. And if we talk about water attractions, we must remember that in Costa Adejein Tenerife, is Siam Park, one of the best known water parks in the world. But although it is the most remarkable, it is not the only one and there is an interesting offer to enjoy the water even in autumn.

nature to enjoy

The Canary Islands not only have beaches and small natural corners that offer many possibilities to enjoy the nature of the archipelago, but there are also four national parks, all of them declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Caldera de Taburiente National Park It is on the island of La Palma and you can see a large number of ravines, cliffs and rock formations that are impressive.

Canary Islands Teide Autumn

In La Gomera you can visit the Garajonay National Park. In this park there is a large number of forests with various elements typical of the Tertiary. For its part, on the island of Lanzarote we find the Timanfaya Park, in which the volcanic landscape predominates. Lastly, the Teide National Park not only does it have the highest peak in Spain, an authentic natural spectacle, but there is also a wide variety of places of interest to visit.

post covid security

We know that you think that traveling right now is not completely safe, but hotels in tourist destinations have made a considerable effort to comply with all the requirements for ensure visitor safety. So you can be sure the facilities of the hotels in the Canary Islands and their services have been adjusted to serve their guests in complete safety before the coronavirus.

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