Tula de Allende in Hidalgo, a special destination in Mexico

The Hidalgo area is one of the most interesting regions of Mexico, which has become a preferred place to learn about pre-Columbian tradition.

Tula de Allende It is one of the historical destinations to take into account within the state of Hidalgo in Mexico, a fascinating place that is well worth visiting as a couple to be able to live an experience during your stay in this place. From Hildago they invite us to discover this area of ​​the country so appetizing.

Within this area of Mexico We have many visits to be able to make a tour as complete as possible and enjoy the history. The Archaeological Zone of Tula is one of the most recommended visits. We are before a place that Quetzalcóatl founded and has several very important buildings such as the famous pyramid Bthe burnt palacethe Pyramid Cthe Ball gameamong other.

It is always interesting to be able to take some regards of our vacations and in this sense a perfect place is the Crafts Squarewhich as its own name indicates is an excellent place where all kinds of souvenirs handmade with different materials such as quartz, jade, shell, mud and plaster, among others. The mexican crafts It has a great cultural and economic importance in the population.

An ancient building of great importance is the Tula Cathedral, one of the essential visits for all tourists who make their first trip to this area of ​​Mexico. It presents a clear Gothic style and originally dates from the 16th century, which is why it forms part of the religious architectural heritage of the city.

It is also important not to miss out on the possibility of knowing the Parish and ex-convent of San Joséan important building that dates back to the 16th century and still has interesting architectural elements and a series of works of art from the period in which it was built, so it is something to consider.

It is a trip that can be more than attractive and interesting to be able to enjoy some vacation in hidalgowhich is a very suggestive Mexican state but has not yet reached its maximum potential in terms of tourism.

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