Tulip fields in holland

The tulip fields in Holland are one of the main tourist attractions of this country. We are talking about colorful crops that attract thousands of people from all over the world.

These spaces are, without a doubt, an example of a way of life in one of the most unique flower-exporting countries in Europe. Do you want to know more about this Dutch tradition?

The origin of the tulip and its arrival in Holland

Despite Holland being the place where today tulips have their most famous fields, the origin of this beautiful flower is not European but from the Far East. Cultivation of these flowers is known in Iran, Turkey and Pakistan long before their arrival in the Netherlands in the 16th century.

It was the botanist Carolus Clusius who introduced them to this country. However, far from wanting to share them with the whole world, Clusius jealously guarded his flowers and bulbs in his garden.

Nevertheless, one night they were stolen and planted by the thieves, something that would be the beginning of its cultivation, trade and subsequent madness that was experienced in the seventeenth century. And it is that between 1630 and 1637, the bulbs of these exotic and beautiful flowers acquired the highest prices in their entire history.

During those years, collecting or “tulipomania” gained strength, which developed thanks to trade and the great fortunes that required bulbs to plant in their gardens.

The tulip fields today

Currently, the tulip trade continues to develop in Holland, although in a different way than those six years of the thirties of the seventeenth century. Undoubtedly, remains one of its main economic assets, both at the export level throughout the world and for being one of the country’s tourist attractions.

Likewise, it is part of their culture, which has been preserved thanks to the passage of the tradition of cultivation and trade between members of the family.

In addition, the beauty of the tulip fields that populate all the regions they make Holland receive many visitors in the blooming season of this beautiful flower. Specifically, this occurs between the months of March and May. In the last weeks of April is when you can appreciate the polychrome landscape of its fields that everyone wants to see.

Visiting these fields is one of the most beautiful experiences you can experience if you like flowers. It can be done by bicycle, walking or through guided routes that have specialized in showing the most important places linked to the tulip. Always keep in mind that it is a seasonal tourism.

The main tulip gardens in the Netherlands

As we have already mentioned, tulip fields populate the whole of Holland, but there are several places where you can appreciate this beautiful flower in all its splendor. One of them is the Keukenhof, in Lisse.

Keukenhof is a garden where you can see several tulip gardens that make up mosaics that change annually, depending on the theme of your exhibition.

This garden has more than seven million specimens, including flowers such as hyacinths and daffodils, and its history is centuries old. It has its origin in the so-called “kitchen garden”, as it was the place where Countess Jacqueline of Bavaria’s food was grown.until in 1940 several florists transformed it to house the flower gardens that can be seen today.

The Flevoland area, on the other hand, is where the largest bulb production in Holland and the most famous fields are found. It is there that the annual tulip festival takes place.

Similarly, the entire coast from The Hague and Leiden to Alkmaar, in the north of the country, is also ideal to see miles and miles of tulip crops.

If you don’t travel in spring, don’t worry

If it happens that you go to Holland in another season in which the flower fields are not yet in full swing, you can always enjoy various flower markets or festivals. This is the case of the Aalsmeer flower market, which is available throughout the year.

Thousands of buyers from the most important florists around the world come to this site. The objective, of course, is to acquire the best copies that will be sold in the main cities of the globe. Without a doubt, it is another place that you must visit if you want to appreciate the tulips in Holland.

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