Turkey’s tourism target for 2018

Turkey is progressing positively in terms of tourism, a sector that has improved throughout 2017 and progress is expected in 2018.

At the beginning of the year, countries usually set different objectives in terms of tourism in order to advance in this regard. Turkey wants to continue to improve and attract more travelers in the coming years. One of the possibilities is to attract Travellers from markets in Europe and outside this continent.

Turkey wants to attract more travelers from RussiaOne of the important markets is Russian, since throughout 2017 almost 5 million Russians arrived in Turkey to enjoy spectacular holidays throughout the year. The authorities set themselves the goal of reaching 5.5 million visitors from this country.

One of the concerns is the improvement of security in countries like Egypt, which will allow the presence of Russian travelers to improve in Egyptian lands and therefore may subtract travelers to turkey. It is expected that the sector will progress positively and that security will increase significantly in order to offer guarantees to all those who wish to make a trip.

Tourism in Turkey

The main problem that the country has had has been the securitysince the different terrorist attacks in cities and airports have been hard blows that have made many travelers lose in recent months and that must be improved to offer greater guarantees so that you can enjoy a better stay.

The summer season is usually an excellent time to enjoy a vacation in turkish lands, an area that many travelers from Russia and different parts of Europe tend to like. On the other hand, we find ourselves with a significant boom in visitors from China, which is another of the markets with great potential for positive progress.

Sun and beach tourism is one of the many possibilities to spend an excellent holiday in Turkey, although cultural tourism also continues to be essential thanks to the variety of mosques that can be visited during your stay in the country.

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