Two Spanish towns to enjoy urban art

Small towns are discovering street art and more and more of them are offering visitors the art of various graffiti artists.

Urban art forms are reaching all parts of the country and are also becoming an excuse for small towns to become storefronts of this type of art. The facades of the houses, the empty walls and the walls of commercial premises and warehouses become the canvases where many internationally famous artists. We are going to talk about two peoples that have become totally unknown to be a reference in terms of urban art.

Fanzara, in Castellón

A town with less than 300 inhabitants is not easy to be placed on the map. They are not usually very visited towns, due to lack of tourist resources. So Fanzara, a town located about 35 kilometers from Castellón, has launched a very interesting initiative to attract visitors. The MIAU has been carrying out urban art to the streets of the town of Castellón and it has become an inescapable destination for those who enjoy these murals.

There are around of 150 artistic interventionswhich have been executed by 73 renowned artists all over the world. Strolling through its streets is like immersing yourself in an impressive collection of large-format works. The residents of Fanzara have yielded its facades and the walls of warehouses and premises for these artists to leave their mark on them.

The festival takes place in early July. On a weekend on those dates, the different participating artists get down to work and they make the spectacular paintings that remain to be enjoyed throughout the year. That weekend is full of activities, such as performances, concerts in the streets and above all, the experience of seeing the artists performing their works.

The Province, Cuenca

Just two kilometers from Villarrobledo is El Provencio. Unlike Fanzara, in this La Mancha town there are just over 2,500 inhabitants. In this town the Comic Walls has been celebrated for several years.

The provence murals

In this case, the artists who come together in the provence They are based on comic characters. The walls and facades of the city are covered with the art of the guests. 2022 marks the fifth anniversary of this festival, which has already achieved dozens of comic-inspired murals in many streets and corners of the town.

East urban art festival It is celebrated during the weekend that also takes place on El Provencio Comic Festivalat the end of July.

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