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Unforgettable holidays for everyone! The best hotel options

Many will have already enjoyed their holidays Of summer. But, many others are waiting for the heat to subside. In order to enjoy it in a more relaxed way, less hot and, why not say it, with fewer crowds.

Perhaps you are one of those who enjoy a few days with the family. You may prefer to spend more intimately in couple and enjoy beach vacation and relax. Or, conversely, you may be more urbanist and enjoy endless walks, getting lost in the streets and discovering the most secret corners of every new city you visit.

Whatever your choice, there is no doubt that your vacations go hand in hand ILUNION Hotels! We have a wide range of strategically located hotels. Our hotels have a local charm and offer everything our guests may need to spend some unforgettable days together with their loved ones. What better satisfaction than leaving a mark on each of our guests with incredible memories?

Unforgettable memories: live a dream vacation

As we said, no matter what your tastes and preferences are, your vacations go hand in hand with ILUNION Hotels! Well, in them you will find the ideal option.

For example, urban hotels located in the best areas such as Bilbao either Estremadura. OR holiday hotels in beach destinations where you can enjoy the sea like Valencia either Minorcaamong many other destinations!

Living its traditions and customs, enjoying its incredible gastronomy or marveling at its enchanting landscapes… will make you your vacations be so unforgettable that you will want to return to add memories and special moments.

In addition, another very important detail is that in ILUNION Hotels has positioned itself as the leading hotel chain in universal accessibility and labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Our commitment is to facilitate accessible tourism in an absolute way. Did you know more than 40% of our employees do they have a disability?

According to a study, approximately half of people with reduced mobility and other disabilities give up going on vacation due to lack of accessibility at one of the points in the travel cycle, so in order to address this problem and provide access to tourism as a right of all At ILUNION Hotels we have completely dedicated ourselves to guaranteeing that, they sit down all included in any of our 26 hotels distributed around the Spanish geography.

Since ILUNION Hotels We are aware of the great social work carried out by guide dogs, which is why we are proud to be a hotel chain that admits assistance dogs in our facilities: both in our offices and in our hotels. And not only that, but from april 2022 we allow our guests to stay with their pets.

We have extensive experience welcoming guide dogs in rooms and our employees and professionals are trained to maintain the well-being of all clientsin addition to carrying out constant cleaning and maintenance of the spaces so that they are just as hygienic. A service framed within our goal of achieving an even more satisfactory customer experience.

Choose the hotel that suits you best

Now all that remains is to choose the destination, choose one of our ILUNION Hotels and enjoy an unforgettable trip!

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