Unique attractions to see in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers us a series of unique attractions to enjoy during the next vacation in this Asian destination.

Hong Kong It is a destination different from many others and it is a perfect area to be able to venture out and get to know this interesting part of Asia. offers us a great variety of possibilities to get to know its old buildings, its varied and rich gastronomypart of its culture and its history.

Man Mo Temple

One of the temples in Hong Kong that you should not miss is the Manmo templewhich is located on Hollywood Road. Every temple in Asia is dedicated to gods and in this case the god of Literature and the god of War are venerated. Is a area very popular with students and without a doubt it is a temple that is worthwhile.

You can find the location of Man Mo Temple by following this link.

Markets in Hong Kong

If something characterizes Hong Kong, it is its markets, which we find at different points. The famous Ladies Market is one of the options, interesting to find souvenirs at very good prices. On the other hand the cat street area offers visitors very curious items, including antiques.

You can find the location of Cat Street by following this link.

the great buddha

One of the most impressive statues in Hong Kong is that of the Big Buddha or Tian Tan Buddha. It is a large statue that is about 34 meters tall and stands on top of the Po Lin monastery. Every year it is usually visited by a large number of visitors and can be found in the lantau island. To get there you can enjoy a cable car ride, an experience to enjoy with the best views.

You can find the location of Lantau Island by following this link.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

East “Monastery” of Ten Thousand Buddhas it is a unique place. Officially it is known as a monastery but no monks live inside it. It is located in Shan Tin and houses a large number of Buddha figures. Without a doubt, walk its 430 steps and observe the inert figures of the buddhas it is something impressive. Best of all, they are not the same, but have a different posture.

You can find the location of Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery by following this link.

Places of interest

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