Unique places and experiences to enjoy in Ecuador

Ecuador offers visitors a series of truly unique experiences and places so that you can enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation.

Ecuador In recent years, it has become one of the reference destinations for many tourists, among other things because its natural corners make travelers fall in love, its surprising history and also offers gastronomic alternatives, which is always something very important and should be take into account before choosing a destination and from Tourism they invite us to get to know this country.

We have very interesting sites and some are mountain destinations in Ecuador really spectacular. The town of Montanita It is one of the recommended ones since it has mountain areas, as well as areas on the coast, which allows a very complete trip to be made. Allows the practice of water sports like surfing Y hiking trails in Ecuador for lovers of nature.

We also have other options such as Yasuni National Park, a truly spectacular site for lovers of the environment to enjoy. The options are varied since it is possible to go hiking, bird watching, get to know the great rivers of Ecuador, in addition to giving boat rides on the Napo riversomething that usually attracts tourists.

The Amazon region It is one of the most spectacular to visit in Ecuador and one of the most surprising. For example, we find beautiful waterfalls such as Caballera de la Virgen, Chamana, and Bascún, among others. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful experience to take tours of different towns in this region.

Another spectacular natural area in Ecuador is the Mindo Nambillo Protected Forest, a beautiful ecological reserve where varied species abound, humid forests and varied landscapes. Here bird watching is one of the many activities to consider along with the possibility of excursions and guided tours.

One of the most famous trains in the American continent is the Devil’s Nose Train, which takes a truly spectacular route thanks to the fact that it crosses the Andes Mountains, allowing it to be reached from Alausí and Sibambe. The ascents and descents are continuous and it is a unique experience for lovers of the beautiful landscapes of Ecuador.

We must not forget the beautiful natural amphitheater that is located right in the Quilotoa volcano cratera really interesting place and from where you can enjoy incredible landscapes.

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