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Uzbekistan for Smokers

In those countries where tobacco use is not widespread, it is not easy to find information on specific regulations on tobacco use. It is not that there is no awareness about the dangers of smoking, but because its use is not widespread, it seems as if it is not paid as much attention –sometimes, as if the smoke does not bother-.

For this reason, and with even more reason, it is necessary for smokers to be aware of the rules that they would follow in their own country, as if their destination were the same or more restrictive in cigarette consumption.

nasvay packages

This is what happens in Uzbekistan: Uzbeks consume chewing tobacco, called nasvay either naswar, but there are few places that prohibit smoking and there are ashtrays in restaurants and in the rooms of some hotels. The question is, would you smoke in your hotel room in Spain?


For this reason, more than regulations, today we are talking about common sense and recommendations for places where we would not light a cigarette. First of all, in religious places: mosques, mausoleums, necropolises or madrasahs, for obvious reasons. Secondly, in closed public places such as museums or exhibitions. In public transport, metro or train stations, taxis, Yandex, etc. Fourthly, in restaurants, hotels, markets and other places where space is shared with other people and tobacco smoke can bother or leave some kind of odor. And, ultimately, in any place where there is any doubt about whether or not you can smoke, it is best to refrain from doing so.

Stalls at Central Bazaar

In theory, only 10 packs of cigarettes can be imported, but actually there is little control at customs at the entrance to the country, except for the issue of drones. However, 10 packets of tobacco is usually more than enough for a tourist’s average stay in the country.

If, on the contrary, the idea is to buy tobacco during the trip to Uzbekistan, the main brands of foreign tobacco that can be found are Winston, at a price of 13,500 we are per pack (€1.16) or LM, which costs 11,500 we are (€1). The rest is Uzbek or Russian tobacco.

There are no tobacconists as such, so tobacco is purchased in “neighborhood stores”. The same ones where you buy water, bread or sweets; but not all of them sell, so you have to ask until you find them.

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