Valencia, luxury destination for the New York Times

The New York Times newspaper proposes the city of Valencia as an alternative to a trip to Barcelona and we take the opportunity to discover the attractions of Valencia

For Americans, the destinations in Spain have been marked by Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Granada and Pamplona, ​​three cities that have many arguments to make the visit enjoyable. The first two are an obligatory destination for obvious reasons, while Grenade came under the spotlight for American tourists thanks to a presidential visit and Pamplona has passed into the collective imagination thanks to Ernest Hemingwaythe writer who lived part of his fascinating life in our country.

But it seems that the tourists from the United States want to know more about our country and the prestigious New York Times has proposed an alternative to get to know our country better and forget about the great spanish destinations traditional. Valencia has been designated as a city like alternative to Barcelona.

It is a good occasion to pay attention to the capital of Turia and value some of its many incentives to also add it to our next holiday destinations. Valencia has as much history as Barcelona and a historic center that can be very attractive to discover. Let’s see some of those places that make Valencia one of the luxury destinations in Spain.

historic center of Valencia

In the Valencia center We find places as emblematic as the City Hall Palace, but also the Central Market, which is one of the most beautiful that can be visited in a Spanish city, the Silk marketthe Palace of the Marques of Dosaguas and the Colon Market. But you can also walk through the streets of the center of Valencia, enjoying all the corners that can be found in a city like this.

The Carmen neighborhood, which has been regenerated and has become one of the most popular in the city, with modern cafeterias, author and traditional restaurants and art galleries. The Ruzafa neighborhood is another of the interesting points of the city, the side more bohemian and artistic from the city.

Museums and art in Valencia

The art is important in Valencia and the city has many places where you can admire it. Institutions such as the IVAM or the MuVIM, which present interesting collections of modern art or a comic book that has comics from all eras, the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia and many more proposals makes the visits to Valencia They become a total pleasure for the senses.

The City of Arts and Scienceswith the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and the Oceanographictogether with the Bioparc that is located at the beginning of the park of the old bed of the Turia river, also offer hours of entertainment and fun.

Parks and gardens

The parks and gardens of Valencia They are also a good reason to enjoy a visit to the city. The old bed of the Turia river has become a large green landscape, where you can walk and enjoy nature in the center of the city. The Header Parkthe Palace of Musicthe Gulliver and its fountains and at the end, the always spectacular City of Arts and Sciences offers the necessary contrast for a truly spectacular day in this impressive city.

The nursery garden It is another of the great parks of the city, for which you have to reserve at least one day to visit them. On the other side of the Turia you can find the Jardín de las Hespérides, a little-known park that has really interesting corners to enjoy a quiet moment.


Beaches and gastronomy

Valencia has quite a few Beaches and not just the city. Around Valencia there are several beaches where you can also enjoy what makes the Mediterranean a place to really enjoy the sun and the sea. But also, very close to the beach you can enjoy nature in the wild in the lagoon, some marshes that have a great variety of flora and fauna. And also, one of the best places to enjoy the most international Spanish dish: the Paella.

In Valencia you will find the authentic Valencian paella, the authentic one that can only be eaten in this area of ​​Spain, far from inventions that are still more or less good, they are not canonical paella. But there are other types of rice to eat in Valencia, such as Arrós al forn and many other types of rice, both dry and soupy or sweet, with meat or fish and shellfish.

There are many more things to enjoy Valenciabut we can discover that by going to the Valencian capital and walking through its streets.

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