Valvidia, a city to discover in Chile

Valdivia is an interesting city in Chile where historical, cultural and natural attractions are combined to make a fairly complete trip.

There are many destinations that tend to interest within Chili and one of those unique and different places to visit is Valdivia. It is a city that is located in the south of Chile and in recent years it has gained prominence thanks to its natural corners, gastronomic products and also because it is a very suggestive historical destination.

One of the places to visit is the Valdivia Municipal Market. It is an excellent place to discover the products and typical Chilean dishes. In addition to being able to discover fresh products, it is also very interesting because we can find different craft items to take back beautiful memories, as Valdivia tourism invites us to discover.

It is highly recommended to know the Maurice Van de Maele Historical and Anthropological Museum, an interesting house-museum that bears the name of the journalist who worked for a long period in Valdivia. The house is interesting on an architectural level since it dates from the 19th century and allows us to see objects from different periods with history, making it a very interesting visit.

Another of the cultural proposals is the Contemporary Art Museum, ideal to learn more about the different works of Chilean and international artists. Temporary and permanent exhibitions are offered, with pieces of great importance at an artistic level.

also know the Botanical Garden It is another of the interesting alternatives, with a total of about 1,000 flora species, both local and exotic. It was founded in 1955 and since then it has not stopped growing and gaining prominence. It can be seen throughout the year and is a highly recommended visit in Valdivia.

A natural area is the Guillermo Harnecker Municipal Park, interesting because it allows you to take a natural tour and enjoy leisure areas, a nursery, a picnic area, as well as an area for children to play. It is also recommendable to take a walk through the Barrio Histório de Valdivia, where you can see different old buildings from the beginning of the 20th century.

The Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary it is also a highly attractive and suggestive natural site. It is a wetland that was formed after the 1960 earthquake and has become a place with different protected ecosystems and is excellent for taking a walk and discovering excellent natural landscapes.

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