Vienna, a city you have to discover

When we hear about the capital of Austria we think of the palaces, the Empress Sissi and the Opera. But there are many ways to enjoy Vienna at any time of the year. Knowing its monuments is just one of them. We want to give you some ideas so that you can live and feel a unique city.

Vienna and music

Vienna is closely linked to great composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert or Strauss, both by birth and by adoption. For this reason, music is breathed in countless places in the city. and there is Options for all tastes.

Vienna State Opera – Aleksandar Todorovic

One of the most attractive visits is to the House of Music. It is in a palace that belonged to Archduke Carlos and offers an interactive tour of real and virtual themed rooms. Here you can experience the New Year’s Concert or discover the history of the Vienna Philharmonic, among many other experiences.

Speaking of orchestras, in Vienna there are two famous: the aforementioned Philharmonic, one of the best in the world, and the Symphony, specializing in works by Brahms, Strauss, Mahler and Bruckner. If you have the opportunity to enjoy one of their concerts, you will surely not forget it.

Y We can’t forget the Vienna Boys’ Choir, which are also national heritage and excite everyone. You can hear them at the Sunday Masses in the Imperial Palace Chapel and at the Friday Afternoons.

Monument to Strauss in the Stadtpark – Caminoel

To learn more about the life of one of the “immortal” composers, you can visit Mozart’s house. It is also recommended to visit the Strauss Museum, the statue of this artist in the Wiener Stadtoark and the sites dedicated to Beethoven (some of the houses where he lived in the city).

Vienna and shopping

In the Austrian capital you will find many shopping streets and pedestrian areas with luxurious and elegant shops to acquire original objects. You can also go shopping in the old town, especially jewelry, souvenirs, culinary art, fashion and accessories.

Goldenes Quartier – Böhringer Friedrich /

In the Goldenes Quartier area are home to the most luxurious brandssuch as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Prada and Saint Laurent. And also at Kohlmarkt you will find first-class items.

Of course, you can shop duty-free or visit the workshops where you can buy crockery, silver pieces and elegant lighting. Another option is to stroll through the markets in search of relics and antiques (don’t miss Naschmarkt and the Zeitrese market), or even take a look at the shops that dressed the court centuries ago.

Vienna and gastronomy

Food is also art, and therefore it is worth learning about it during your stay in Vienna. It is very common in summer for locals to go out to eat at any of the city’s terraces. Do not hesitate to visit the “Schanigarten” of squares, sidewalks and pedestrian zones. There are more than 2,500 terraces to choose from. The oldest dates from 1754 .

Ferstel–SchiDD Passage

And you can find very good restaurants in the old town and nearby districts. Even, the city offers the opportunity to dine in a museum. That’s right, because the Natural History Museum organizes “culinary Wednesdays”, the Art History Museum has its “gourmet evenings” on Thursdays and the Schonbrunn Palace has an option to combine a walk and dinner.

In case you want to take note, we name some of the typical dishes of Viennese cuisine: Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal escalope), Taflespitz (beef with vegetables), Forelle nach Mullerin Art (molinara trout), Tiroler Grost (potatoes with fried ham), Goulash (beef stew), Rinsuppe meat), Powidl (plum stew) and Knodel (meatballs with wheat semolina and potatoes).

For dessert you can choose Buchteln (bun filled with apricot jam), Apfelstrudel (apple pie), Sachertorte (chocolate tart with apricot), Krapfen (sweet pastry with filling) and Vanillekipferl (cookies with vanilla and hazelnut).


“You have to travel to learn.”

-Mark Twain-

These that we have shown you are three different ways to enjoy Vienna. And between one and the other, nothing better than discovering the wonderful monuments of the city.

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