Vienna State Opera: practical information for the visit

The Vienna State Opera is one of the temples for music lovers. Music lovers from all over the world travel to the Austrian capital to enjoy one of the most famous shows. At least in the cultural and musical section, since the opera and Vienna are indisputably linked.

If you are going to visit the city and you have the opportunity to attend a performance, do not hesitate to do so. The experience you will live will be unique. So that you can not make excuses, we offer you all the information you need. We tell you from how to buy tickets to the best indications to choose your clothes.

Get tickets for the Vienna State Opera

Opera interior – Yuan /

Maybe you are going to visit Vienna and you are worried about the difficulty to get tickets or their price. But you have to know that neither one nor the other is a problem. Tickets can be purchased at very low prices.

It is true that the best seats can exceed 100 euros. It is also true that these places are usually occupied right away, because Tickets go on sale in April for all functions next year. But do not worry, you can go to the Vienna State Opera and, in addition, without spending much money.

In each function there is a part of the ticket that is not sold at the moment. And there are places with a price of 3 and 4 euros. The only drawback is that you will have to see the show standing up, but the experience will be completely worth it.

these tickets can be purchased on the official website. It is also possible to buy them the same day of the work, although you will probably have to queue for an hour or two.

The 3 euro bills have a reserved part at the foot of the stage, so, even if you are standing, you will never forget what you lived there. Instead, tickets of 4 euros are distributed by the highest part of the theater.


If you want to buy cheap tickets on the spot, the sooner you go to queue next to the box office of the Vienna State Opera, the easier it will be for you to choose the site you prefer.

Guided visits

Main Staircase – Yuan /

If you think that you are not going to like the opera, or you do not feel like spending several hours on your feet, you have another option to visit the Vienna State Opera. It is possible to tour the building through a guided tour. These visits are made in groups and show the different parts of this magnificent construction.

After entering through the main hall, visitors go up the stairs to reach the large auditorium. Also you will know the stage, the Marble Room or the tea room. Guided tours are conducted in several languages, so you will have no problem learning all the secrets of the Vienna State Opera.

how to dress

Main Hall – Yuan /

Perhaps what worries you the most when going to the Vienna State Opera is what to wear. Maybe you don’t have a fancy suit or a dress for the best galas and you don’t know how to dress for an event like this. You shouldn’t worry either.

The reality is that many men are seen in suits and ties. And women with dresses of all kinds: long, short, colorful and many different styles. What you should know is that It is also common to go without being so dressed. Simple pants and a shirt or sweater are also acceptable.

That is to say, you will not have problems for going with day-to-day clothes. The stereotype of a cutaway suit and elegant dresses is the same as that of price, and it drives many people away from the opera. It must be made clear that this is not the case. You don’t need to go to a gala to see a function.

And a little advice. If you wear a scarf, use it to save your spot in the ticket area of ​​4 euros if you want to go out for a moment to the bathroom, before the performance begins. In this way, no one will occupy that location during your absence.

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