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Vilarinho de Negrões: a magical village that seems to grow on water

In Montalegre, there is a village of an incomparable beauty and very picturesque, which seems to grow above the water. In the end, the houses are practically surrounded by water, which gives them a unique look in our country.

Let’s go to the village of Vilarinho de Negrões, a place that deserves a longer visit, so that you can discover the surroundings, the natural and architectural heritage, and enjoy the regional attractions. Here, you will be able to find peace and tranquility, perfect for a trip sozinho quer en família.

Located on the southern edge of Albufeira do Alto Rabagão, whose construction was completed in 1964, Vilarinho de Negrões is found on a narrow peninsula, with its typical houses of the region spread over this land line.

Vilarinho de Negroes

This charming village is located near the parish of Negrões, which is also worth knowing, so that you can admire the community granite forme, the ancient baskets (where thousands and cents are preserved) and the forts of Negrões, Vilarinho and Lamachã, which testify The human presence for centuries in this region.

One of the most prominent historical figures in the region is Domingos Pereira, or guerrilla father. He was a member of the Progressive Party and a friend of Paiva Couceiro, a conspirator against the Republic. This father was involved in the “Monarquia do Norte”, having been involved in the combats of Cabeceiras, Mirandela and Vila Real.

If you decide to make a visit to this region, make the most of the mornings, a height where you can calmly observe the mergulhões de crista and other aquatic birds, which take advantage of the most pleasant time in the region to live and make your morning mergulhos here.

As soon as human activity began, these birds dislocated to a small desert island, formed by a long-dimensioned penis, and there we continued for another day.

Vilarinho de Negroes
Vilarinho de Negroes

Around Vilarinho de Negrões, it is worth visiting Ribeira de Pena, a town located on the border between Minho and Trás-os-Montes. Known for the cultivation of green wine, milho and linho, the breeding of cattle and proco is also common in these bands.

You can visit a vast religious heritage, such as the Igreja de Canedo e Cerva, the Capela de S. Pedro, the Igreja Matriz do Salvador, the Igreja de Santa Maria, and the chapels of Senhora da Guia and da Granja Velha, among others.

It is recommended to visit Montalegre, where you can better know this town and appreciate its heritage. Among this, try to visit Ponte Velha, also known as Ponte Romana, constituted by a single arch and with a tabuleiro that has undergone several alterations over two centuries.

Right next to it, the Montalegre castle stands splendidly. The beginning of its construction dates back to 1270, during the reign of D. Afonso III, being the Menagem Tower built later. A fortificação tinha or objective of defending the border of Portugal from the threat of Castela. Currently, the Castelo is a national monument and houses a museum.

Vilarinho de Negrões is the region where this village is inserted is a unique place not in our country and that we recommend you to know. It will be one of those trips that will be recorded in his memory, by the spectacular landscape, the welcoming people and the typical gastronomy that makes us happy in the body and soul.

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