Visit Kazan, a multicultural jewel of Russia

To visit Kazan in Russia is to discover a city that can boast of the good relationship that exists between the religions that are professed here. Thanks to that, houses an extraordinary architectural mix. You want to know more? We show you some places that attest to that multiculturalism and the history of one of the oldest cities in the country.

Temple of all Religions

Temple of all Religions

It is an architectural complex that has its origins in 1992, when the artist and philanthropist Ildar Khanov decided to build it to bring together all religions under one roof. In fact, the place houses an Orthodox church, a mosque, a synagogue and an oriental pagoda.

Apart from these buildings, in which, curiously, no type of worship is carried out, in the Temple of all Religions there is an art gallery where you can see various exhibitions or receive master classes. And there is also a concert hall where musical evenings and poetry recitals are held.

The Kazan Kremlin

Qol Sharif Mosque

The mix of cultures is equally present in the Kazan Kremlin. It is a historical citadel built at the behest of Ivan the Terrible on the ruins of the ancient castle of the Khans of Kazan. It is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The citadel houses various monuments of interest. Here is the Cathedral of the Annunciation, consecrated in 1562. From then until 1918 it was the main church of the city of Kazan and the region of Tatarstan. Today the Cathedral of San Nicolás surpasses it in importance.

In this place also stands out the Qol Sharif Mosque. It is a reconstruction of the original. The old mosque, at the time of its construction, was reputed to be the largest in Russia and in Europe, apart from the one in Istanbul.


The mosque stands out for its four main 58-meter-high minarets and its large dome, decorated with details of the Crown of Kazan.

Tukay Street, an essential corner when visiting Kazan

tatar quarter

Along this street you can discover the old Tatar settlement. And it is that it is strewn with colorful wooden houses They have ornamental decorations. All this allows us to obtain a general vision of the local architecture.

Two mosques also stand out on the site. One of them is that of Mardjani, dating from 1766 and is the first to be built in the city. It was built in stone and, despite having undergone some other changes, it retains its original appearance. You can both admire from the outside and enter to see its interesting decoration.

The other mosque is the Nurullah Mosque, built between 1845 and 1849. Its minaret stands out in it and its predominant colors are white and green.

Cultures you will discover when visiting Kazan

in the russian city you can visit museums dedicated to cultures that have been or are important here, for example, the tartare. Related to it is the Chack-Chack Museum. In it you will learn about the customs of Tatarstan or how its gastronomic specialty is prepared, the chack-chacka dessert made of honey, flour and egg.

Tatar Eastern culture coexists with the Soviet heritage. To discover more you can access the Museum of Soviet Life. It houses an impressive collection of objects related to the former USSR: propaganda tools, military memorabilia, portraits of Lenin, and even musical instruments.

And, if you travel with the little ones, not to be missed is the Soviet Children’s Museum. A large number of old toys are exhibited in its rooms. It also has a room with Soviet video games.

As you can see, Kazan is a multicultural jewel of Russia. It is a wonderful city that rises on the banks of the Volga and that combines western and eastern culture. Why don’t you decide to check it out first hand? Of course, you will not regret visiting Kazan, you will treasure a unique experience.

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