Visit Prague Castle: everything you must see

When we talk about visiting Prague Castle, we mean entering the largest castle in the world. This is more than flanking walls. We entered what was an entire fortified city since the 9th century. But a lot has changed since then. Today inside there are palaces, very picturesque neighborhoods and even a cathedral.

Visit Prague Castle, the origin of the city

As we said, what we call Prague Castle is not the typical medieval fortress. It’s much more than that. Here is the germ of the current capital of the Czech Republicsince the first Prague settled here and was protected by walls.

And from here it grew gradually. so much that to visit the Prague Castle today it takes hours and hours. That’s the only way to see everything it offers:

St. Vitus Cathedral

prague cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is the most visible part of Prague Castle. In fact, it is the most striking building in the typical postcard view from the famous Charles Bridge.

And the truth is that we are facing one of the most impressive gothic temples of how many can be visited on the European continent. The sight of its towers welcomes us as soon as we enter Prague Castle, and no one should miss it.

A unique ensemble bathed in the peculiar light of the medieval stained glass windows awaits you there.. A dreamy atmosphere that makes a visit to the most outstanding spaces inside, such as the choir with a Royal Tomb or the chapel of San Wenceslao, even more magical.

Old Royal Palace

Royal Palace – Steven Feather /

Next to St. Vitus Cathedral is the Old Royal Palace, seat of the Bohemian monarchy for centuries. And where today the President of the Czech Republic also has an office.

That does not prevent there from being visitable areas. Highlights the Vladislav room and its impressive vault over 60 meters high. And another sight much sought after by tourists at the Royal Palace of Prague Castle is the moment of the colorful changing of the guard.

Basilica of Saint George

Basilica of Saint George

We have already advanced that the Prague Castle more than a fortress, we can consider it as a great citadel. That is why it is not surprising that there are several temples, not just the cathedral. One of them is the Basilica of Saint George, which simply it is the most outstanding 10th century Romanesque building in the whole country.

Gold Alley

Gold Alley

The name of this corner of Prague Castle tells us everything. It is a small street where the best goldsmiths and jewelers of the city used to be installed. Today the colorful houses here are mainly souvenir and handicraft shops, but it remains one of the most charming places in the entire Czech capital.

Powder Tower

Powder Tower

There are several towers in Prague Castle, but none as big as the Gunpowder Tower. It is a defensive construction of the fifteenth century.

A place where gunpowder was obviously kept. But it has also had other functions throughout history. For example, it has been the home of the sacristan of the cathedral. Or also It was transformed into an alchemy workshop.

Other towers of Prague Castle

Smaller than the Gunpowder Tower, we will find more towers when visiting the Prague Castle. For example, the one in Daliborka that was first was a select prison for aristocrats, and then for any prisoner. Or there is also the Black Tower whose color is due to a fire. And by opposition, there is also the White Tower.


“The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, an incomparable city, left an indelible impression on my imagination.”

-Richard Wagner-

our advice

Prague Castle

When visiting Prague Castle and all its attractions, we recommend calm. The calm to dedicate all the time it deserves and also to withstand the high number of tourists that there usually are.

This city is so beautiful that there are always visitors in it, like yourself. However, If at any time you are overwhelmed by the number of tourists, you can go to the South Gardens, next to the wall of the Prague Castle. The vision of this site full of vegetation, sculptures and views will make you reconcile with the capital of the Czech Republic.

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