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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in a dozen houses in Vienna. But the one we are going to visit at number 5 Domgasse is the only one that has been preserved. Below, we offer you all the information on the Mozart House Museum, now converted into a space dedicated to remembering and honoring the composer.

History of the Mozart House

It was in January 2006, on the 250th anniversary of the musician’s birth, when Mozart’s former home opened its doors to the public so that everyone could admire and learn about the musician’s life. Here he lived from 1784 to 1787.

Interior of the House Museum – Mozarthaus Vienna / Wikimedia Commons

This was just one of the composer’s residences in the Austrian capital. A building that has 1,000 square meters of exhibition space and that it is located just behind St. Stephen’s Cathedralin the heart of the Austrian capital.

It is the most beautiful, stately and noble house in which the musician lived. In fact, the rent was exorbitant. Every six months Mozart paid about 230 guilders for three rooms and two cabinets. His father, who lived in Salzburg in an eight-room house, paid only the sum of 45 guilders.


It was in this house on Domgasse street that Mozart surely lived his best years. And it was also here where he composed his best works, among which stands out The Marriage of Figaro.

Inside the Mozart House Museum

Inner courtyard- Wei Chen /

The building has four floors. However, the last of them is not accessible to the public because they are private homes. The entrance is through a hall that leads to a glazed patio with all kinds of information about the life of the musician and about the house in which he lived.

The visit continues on the third floor, where information is offered on the type of life he led in Vienna: their friendships, their passions or their relationship with the Freemasons. The second floor is dedicated to the figure of Mozart as a musician, his operas and his compositions.

The first floor is dedicated to Mozart’s personal life. This is where you visit what was your home. However, although you can see the layout of the house as it was, no furniture of any kind is preserved. The rooms show pictures and photographs with information, but empty of more decoration.

Everything you need to know to visit it

Music room- Alejandro /

If after everything we have told you you want to visit the Mozart House Museum, or you have scheduled a visit to Vienna soon, We leave you a series of basic information that you should take into account.

How to get

If the option of walking is not in your plans and you want to use public transport, you can get to Mozart’s house without major problems. These are the means of transportation:

  • Bus: you must use line 1A and get off at the Zedlitzgasse stop.
  • Meter: it is the best alternative for Vienna’s daytime life, along with the tram. You can use two lines: line U3 stopping at Stubentor or line U1 stopping at Stephansplatz
  • Trolley car: you must take line 2 with a stop at Stubentor.


As we have already mentioned before, the Mozarthaus is located on Domgasse street number 5. Impossible to miss, since it’s right behind the city’s cathedral.

Opening hours to the public

The museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Last admission is half an hour before closing.


  • Adults: the ticket for adults is priced at 11 euros. If visiting the Casa de la Música is also part of your plans, there is a combined ticket priced at 18 euros that will give you access to both spaces.
  • Under 19 years: 4.50 euros.
  • Students and over 65s: 9 euros.
  • Using Vienna Card: 9 euros. In the same way, using this card, the ticket combined with the Casa de la Música will cost you 12 euros.
  • Using Vienna Pass: free entrance.


The main entrance to the Mozart House Museum has no steps and has an elevator for people with mobility problems. In the same way, the services are adapted for people with disabilities.

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