Visit the spectacular scenery of Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend, or Horseshoe Bend, is near the US city of Page, in the state of Arizona. It is one of the greatest scenic attractions in the United States. Do you want to know more about him? In this article we give you all the information you need to visit it.

Hoseshoe Bend Natural Wonder

Horseshoe Bend is the horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River. It was shaped for centuries by the mighty waters of the river, but also by the desert winds, which arrive loaded with sand to the place.

Therefore, in the visit to Horseshoe Bend we will be able to see how the reddish colors of the rock contrast perfectly with the greenish blue of the Colorado River. A natural spectacle worth admiring. For this reason, in a place as magical as this we cannot miss the opportunity to photograph it.

It is important to apply common sense and not put ourselves in danger in the attempt to get the best image. In fact, there have been several accidents. In order to avoid them, a project was approved to fence the Curve of the Horseshoe.

Activities in Horseshoe Bend

In addition to admiring the place on foot, you can fly over it by helicopter. This excursion, lasting more than half an hour, is offered from the heliport located in Lake Powell, which can also be flown over to make the experience even more complete.

Another way to see Horseshoe Bend is by kayaking or doing rafting. These are half-day activities that depart from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry. On the tour you will see not only the Horseshoe Bend, but also the petroglyph beach or the Vermillion cliffs.

All this can be complemented with a visit to Secret Canyon, around Horseshoe Bend. It is a small canyon similar to Antelope, but much less crowded than this one.

How to Get to Horseshoe Bend

It all depends on where we are. The closest, as we have already anticipated, is the city of Page. From there, and if we go by rental car, we must take route 89 south until we see a sign indicating the Horseshoe Bend parking lot.

Parking is completely free and ample, although in high season it may be difficult to find a place to park our vehicle. Likewise, once there, we have to walk a mile-long dirt trail to access Horseshoe Bend.

It can also be reached from Las Vegas, 450 kilometers away; or from the Grand Canyon, another great natural wonder that must be visited and that is about two and a half hours away.

Tips for Visiting Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend can be visited at any time, but for even more spectacular scenery Ideally, go mid-morning or early afternoon. And it is that very early the curve of the Colorado River is in the shade and at sunset the sun can make it difficult to see.

On the other hand, since to get to Horseshoe Bend you have to walk a kilometer-long sandy path, It is advisable to bring water or a drink with which to hydrate ourselves. Of course, they should also be worn as comfortable, closed shoes.

Visit Antelope Canyon

Very close to the city of Page is also the Antelope Canyon, which we already mentioned. It is one of the most spectacular and photographed places in the world. Therefore, on any trip to Horseshoe Bend, you can’t miss the opportunity to see this other wonder.

This is a slot canyon located on a Navajo Indian reservation. It has two separate formations, one upper and one lower. The most outstanding is the first, due to the spectacular photographs that can be taken in it.

On the other hand, it is important to know that Antelope Canyon can only be visited with a guide, as there is a danger of flooding occurring extremely quickly. In other words, the torrential rains in the region cause the total flooding of the place in just a few minutes.

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